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Welcome all, to The Betting Table. As the name implies, this is a game that involves gambling, although not with real money.

How To Play:

- Anybody can join at any time.
- Each player starts off with $1000.
- Before each "round" begins, all players must put in money into the Pool.
- Players cannot put an amount less than $100.
- The grandmaster (myself, heheh) will roll a six sided die.
- Each player will bet on what number will show up.
- The players who win the bet will each win an equal share of money from the Pool.
- You play until you run out of money.


- All Forum rules apply here.
- If a player runs out of money, they can either ask the Bank (run by the GM) for money, or they can leave the game.
- A player who wishes to ask for money can only take up to $500.
- A player who leaves has to wait three days before returning to The Betting Table.
- Before the die is rolled, 10% of the money from the Pool goes into the Bank.
- Each player must keep tract of the amount of money he/she has.
- All players must place in their money in the Pool and their bets before the die is rolled.
- If no one wins a round, all of the money from the Pool goes into the Bank.

Now that all that has been said, let us play. Begin!

EDIT: Bank rule added to prevent people from taking too much money from the Bank.

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Gambling without real money... Okay.

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