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Beware of RPG Maker MV!

"Simple enough for a child; powerful enough for a developer."
If you haven't notice RPG Maker games have made a splash in Steam's Greenlight. Not a lot of them are great but those that are sure do shine. With RPG Maker MV I'm sure they'll shine even brighter and without a doubt they'll make better games but clearly the majority will not make the cut. With the new HTML 5 feature to use in browsers they are sure to make their way to AG for better or for worse. The site may be cluttered with crappy games or we'll have a fine set of fresh hot games.

In all honesty I'm pretty ignorant on what HTML 5 actually is, I think it's an engine but I also think it might be something that supports games? Honestly I don't know and I think AG supports HTML 5 now.

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