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UPDATE! SaS neverseen is up on steam and I am making a guide for it. probably even bigger than this one. check it out here:

Hi, if you entered on this page, you are probably playing Swords and Souls.(spoiler alert, from now onthe guide contains information about the game, you have been warned.) if not here is the link:
My name is Pavel Janík and I am one of the betatesters of Swords and Souls

Here is my complete guide on this game, hope it helps you.

let´s start with the secrets

1: click on all of them. It gives you nice early start.






for 7 i got multiple pictures because the children are on 10 different places:











8 and 9 are on the same place:


statues are pretty straightforward for defeating each level in arena and the last one is for survival wave 25 and defeating king sir scarow in the final battle.

now arena medals:

1: One-shot an enemy with a ranged attack. That is quiet easy if you practice accuracy training a bit and play against the first battle you should get it with ease.

2: Finish a fight with 100% of your health. This one is quiet easy too. practice strength till you have enaught to instakill every enemy in first battle.

3: Use each spell 5 times. Well you can buy them or drop them from flower/mashroom and then use them in battle 5 times each. Easy.

4: Perform 15 super critical attacks. Go and train critical. In battle there is a chance of maximum 30% you will criticly strike. Then you have to click in the right time to deal even more damage. 15 times.

5: Buy all equipments from the shop. This is not hard, just takes a long time till you have enough money to buy it all. The time comes after 30th battle.

6: Unlock all skills. If I am correct you can unlock your last skill omnisoul at level 50.

7: Max out all your skills and talents. I think you have enough skill points for that at level 90 or somewhere around that.

8: Defeat the final boss of the arena. I love this one , because it shows your face on it. there are 30 battles in the arena. Win them all to get it.

9: ... You get it for defeating defeating king sir scarow in the final battle.

Now to have it all, here is the fully filled armory:

and galery:

hero build recommendation:


Strength - Affects melee damage. This skill increases your basic damage and it is your bread and butter. the longer the game goes the higher numbr you need to have on this stat. All your skills and spells scale with it so train this a lot.

Accuracy - Affects ranged damage and bonus attack chance. by training accuracy you increase your ranged chance which chan be up to 50% at 10000 and then only the damage increases. train this a bit because it can offer a lot of damage mid to late game. + It scales well with treacherous talent.

Block - Affects block chance and total health. The more you train this stat the higher is chance you will block the attack. It stops at 50% at 10000 points. the damage blocked depends on your shield it is from 25% to 85% by 5% per shield upgrade. And then it also increases max HP. I personaly loved the block training the most and it is really strong stat. Aim for the 50% block chance. that will make you much more durable.

Dodge - Affects dodge chance and total health. It is worth to train this skill. maximum dodge chance is 40% at 10000 points. Then only HP is beeing increased. But i guess block is more effective than dodge.

Critical - Affects critical chance (dmg x2) and total health. You will be eventually forced to train it, because enemies will have too much HP and you will need to crit them to fight effectively. Max crit chance is 30% at 10000 points, but the more you have the less the chance increases so get it to about 15% and finish it later. Also the deadly talent scales with it well. After 10000 you only get more HP.


1: Double slash - Chance to weaken an enemy of:
0% at level 0
10% at level 1
20% at level 2
30% at level 3
40% at level 4
50% at level 5
This is relatively good skill max it second and use it wisely so the second attack goes into your enemy.

2: Shield bash - Increases stun duration by
3.33 second at level 0
3.83 second at level 1
4,33 seconds at level 2
4,83 seconds at level 3
5,33 seconds at level 4
5.83 seconds at level 5
This is literally the most usefull and strongest skill in the game. Max it first. Use it if you are in trouble or against full health enemy.

3: Toxic stab - Decreases skill´s cooldown by:
-0 seconds at level 0
-4 seconds at level 1
-8 seconds at level 2
-12 seconds at level 3
-16 seconds at lvel 4
-20 seconds at level 5
This skill deals damage over time untill you or your enemy dies. It is nice against beefy enemies. Very effective in boss fights, but out of those 6 skills, upgrading this one is not as effective as the other ones. Max it last.

4: Magic armor - Increases duration and protection by
25% damage reduction for 10 seconds at level 0
33% damage reduction for 11,67 seconds at level 1
41% damage reduction for 13,33 seconds at level 2
49% damage reduction for 15 seconds at level 3
57% damage reduction for 16,67 seconds at level 4
65% damage reduction for 18.33 seconds at level 5
This skill is nice and if the others are down or you are fighting with strong enemy, this can definitely save you but I would max this one as the fifth, because I believe the other ones except toxic stab are better.

5: Heal - Increases healing power from:
30% at level 0
35% at level 1
40% at level 2
45% at level 3
50% at level 4
55% at level 5
of your maximum health. This one is amazing for you to live on and it is basically free health potion. use it when low on health. max as the 4th one. Do not use it if you are relatively healthy. It has long cooldown.

6: Omnisoul add more slashes:
5 at level 0
6 at level 1
7 at level 2
8 at level 3
9 at level 4
10 at level 5
This skill just probably destroy one enemy. max it as soon as you get it. Use it on hight health targets or if you are in the cornor.

And now the talents:

7: Brutal - Chance to stun for 3s upon melee attack by:
0% at level 0
4% at level 1
8% at level 2
12% at level 3
16% at level 4
20% at level 5
This is amazing talent. It saves you a lot of health and I recommend you to max it first.

8: Sneaky - Chance to steal soulings upon melee attack by:
0% at level 0
5% at level 1
10% at level 2
15% at level 3
20% at level 4
25% at level 5
This is nice since it gives you more money, which equals better items more early. But it does not give you any battle stats whatsoever. Max it 3rd or invest the talent points into higher ranked talents.

9: Impatient - decreases skills cooldowns by:
0% at level 0
7% at level 1
14% at level 2
21% at level 3
28% at level 4
35% at level 5
This is pretty amazing too. More skills = more damage. It is a must have. Max it second right after brutal.

10: Treacherous - chance to fire a poisoned projectile of:
0% at level 0
10% at level 1
20% at level 2
30% at level 3
40% at level 4
50% at level 5
It is good talent if you have high ranged chance which is max 50%. But it is not worth the points in the early and mid game.

11: Vampiric - Chance to restore 25% HP when you kill an enemy by:
0% at level 0
5% at level 1
10% at level 2
15% at level 3
20% at level 4
25% at level 5
It is nice sustain talent but there are better to invest in because 1/4 HP is not that much.

12: Lucky - Increases chance to find clovers (arena and training).
5% at level 0
7,5% at level 1
10% at level 2
12,5% at level 3
15% at level 4
17,5% at level 5
This is cool talent, because the flover/mashroom gives you so many things like exp, money, spells, potions, more clovers, paintings, increasing lowest statistics or if you are unlucky you get nothing. I think this is worth it.

13: Alchemist - increases potion efficiency (health, energy, strength) by:
+50%, 50%, x1,50 at level 0
+55%, 60%, x1,60 at level 1
+60%, 70%, x1,70 at level 2
+65%, 80%, x1,80 at level 3
+70%, 90%, x1,90 at level 4
+75%, 100%, x2 at level 5
Ok this talent is usefull maybe in late game but you should not invest talent points into it early. There are better options.

14: Deadly - Increases SUPER critical damage by:
x3 at level 0
x3,40 at level 1
x3,80 at level 2
x4,20 at level 3
x4,60 at level 4
x5 at level 5
This is amazing talent if you have high critical chance. Normal attack deals 100% damage, critical 200% damage and super critical which is activated by right time click can deal up to 500% damage. Thats a lot. Invest points into this.

15: Blesses - Small chance to revive when you lose a fight by:
0% at level 0
4% at level 1
8% at level 2
12% at level 3
16% at level 4
20% at level 5
This skill is a bit of a wild card. you will survive 1 of 5 fights. It is nice chance but there are probably better choices to put talent points in.

One over all advice is to complete missions because you get the stat of mission number *2 and that is a lot. Another over all advice is not to lose your combo. With combo going higher you need less to get more points but also the difficulty increases.
There are 50 missions for every statistic.

missions badges for training:
Brown: 0 - 4
Bronze: 5 - 9
Silver: 10 - 19
Gold: 20 - 35
Platinum: 35 - 49
Super gold: 50 - ∞

The combo you need to reach training combo badges:

Strength, Block and Critical are the same:
Brown: 0 - 39
Bronze: 40 - 79
Silver: 80 - 124
Gold: 125 - 199
Platinum: 200 - 299
Super gold: 300 - ∞

Accuracy and Dodge are the same:
Brown: 0 - 24
Bronze: 25 - 49
Silver: 50 - 74
Gold: 75 - 99
Platinum: 100 - 149
Super gold: 150-∞

Missions formulas:

After 5 missions complete the requirements resets and get higher.

Strength missions formula:

mission 1: stats up 2 (+1 after reset)
mission 2: combo 27 (+10 after reset)
mission 3: perfect 11 (+4 after reset)
mission 4: no misstake 19 seconds (+2 after reset)
mission 5: perfect combo 4 (+1 after reset)
mission 6: stats up 3

Block missions formula:
mission 1: stats up 2 (+1 after reset)
mission 2: combo 27 (+10 after reset)
mission 3: perfect 9 (+3 after reset)
mission 4: no misstake 19 seconds (+2 after reset)
mission 5: perfect combo 3 (+1 after reset)
mission 6: stats up 3

Accuracy and Dodge missions formula:
mission 1: stats up 2 (+1 after reset)
mission 2: combo 21 (+5 after reset)
mission 3: perfect 11 (+4 after reset)
mission 4: no misstake 16 seconds (+2 after reset)
mission 5: perfect combo 5 (+1 after reset)
mission 6: stats up 3

Critical missions formula:
mission 1: stats up 2 (+1 after reset)
mission 2: combo 27 (+10 after reset)
mission 3: perfect 21 (+4 after reset)
mission 4: no misstake 16 seconds (+3 after reset)
mission 5: perfect combo 7 (+2 after reset)
mission 6: stats up 3

Unlocking trainings :
STRENGTH – 50 bronze coins
BLOCK – 100 bronze coins
ACCURACY – 250 bronze coins
DODGE – 500 silver coins
CRITICAL – 1 silver coin

The cost of TRAINING upgrades:
1 – 1 bronze coin
2 – 9 bronze coins
3 – 78 bronze coins
4 – 695 bronze coins
5 – 6,16 silver coins
6 – 54,56 silver coins – you need this for the kid in training room
7 – 483,9 silver coins
8 – 4,28 gold coins
9 – 37,93 gold coins
10 – 335,98 gold coins
11 – 2,98 platinum coins
12 – 26,37 platinum coins
13 – 233,57 platinum coins
14 – 2,07 sapphires
15 – 18,33 sapphires – you need to buy this to get the hello ground! Secret
16 – 162,38 sapphires
17 – 1,44 emeralds – you need to buythis to get the I love mouse Secret
18 – 12,74 emeralds
19 – 112,88 emeralds
20 – 1000,00 emeralds (1 ruby)
21 - MAX

here is a little guide for each training by JeffTheZ

1. Stats up - easiest and quite understandable - do whatever you want and fill upper bar X times. Never resets so you can do any mistake
2. Perfect 2nd easiest - just collect stars. Easier in block and strenght trainings as there you DON'T have to do any correct hit/block on apples just collect stars. Logically it is easier to not get hit all the times, but counter never resets. You can miss both stars and "Normal" training actions as long as you collect X stars in future.
3. No mistake - 1st from things where you can mess something. just make no mistake in NORMAL actions. You odon't have to bother with perfects as missing stars will not reset counter and they don't give you bonus to it. Counter resets if you miss normal target.
4. Combo - similar. Also resets on mistakes and missing perfect won't cause you pain, but collecting perfects gives you bonus points in combo so as long as it's safe you should collect perfects, but when it risk failure don't do that.
5. Perfect combos - most difficult. You have to collect X stars in single combo without missing any normal action AND without missing stars. Any mistake will reset counter. In strenght and block training it's quite random as stars appears randomly not by perfect hits like in rest.
Guide to stars:
Strenght - just hit stars. always on left
Block just don't block them
Accuracy - hit in the middle. Doesn't matter if targe t is fresh or starts disappearing
Dodge - wait until Sir Scarecrow opens mouth than close them
Critical - make double click. Both click after command.

over all tips: always finish your progress bar, because if you don´t your progress of next stat up will be lost. Try to complete the missions in all 5 trainings. They are easy at least at the beggining and gives you some base starting stats. I honestly liked the training minigames in this order: Block>Accuracy>Strength>Dodge>Critical. Training mission now continue forever and after mission 50 you get much more points. After level 70 you have unlocked the turbo mode. It is very usefull and it can save you some time in grinding.

museum tax:
everybody probably know that but for those who do not you can get money per time even offline by upgrading share in museum. you also get more money for everything you have in the museum the more things the more money.

here are prizes of % share. upgrade this to get more money over time.
0% - 100 bronze coins
5% - 658 bronze coins
10% - 4,33 silver coins
15% - 28,48 silver coins
20% - 187.38 silver coins
25% - 1,23 gold coins
30% - 8,11 gold coins
35% - 53,37 gold coins
40% - 351,12 gold coins
45% - 2,31 platinum coins
50% - 15,20 platinum coins
55% - 100,00 platinum coins
60% - 657,93 platinum coins
65% - 4,33 sapphires
70% - 28,48 sapphires
75% - 187,38 sapphires
80% - 1,23 emeralds
85% - 8,11 emeralds
90% - 53,37 emeralds
95% - 351,12 emeralds
100% - MAX

money exchange rate:
1 bronze coin = 1 bronze coin

1 silver coin = 1000 bronze coins

1 gold coin = 1000 silver coins = 100000 bronze coins

1 platinum coin = 1000 gold coins = 100000 silver coins = 100000000 bronze coins

1 sapphire = 1000 platinum coins = 100000 gold coins = 100000000 silver coins = 100000000000 bronze coins

1 emerald = 1000 sapphires = 100000 platinum coins = 100000000 gold coins = 100000000000 silver coins = 100000000000000 bronze coins

1 rubby = 1000 emeralds = 100000 sapphires = 100000000 platinum coins = 100000000000 gold coins = 100000000000000 silver coins = 100000000000000000 bronze coins ( that´s 10 on 17th power bronze coins) math

Here is a meme about inflation in SAS:

here are the prizes that are needed for next upgrade. upgrade your house. You get more experience and gold by doing so. maximum is 10times more.
3% - 11 bronze coins
6% - 26 bronze coins
9% - 73 bronze coins
12% - 261 bronze coins
16% - 1,0 silver coins
19% - 4,0 silver coins
22% - 15,9 silver coins
25% - 63,1 silver coins
29% - 251,2 silver coins – this is probably the minimum you have tu build perfectly to get the kids in the house.
32% - 1,0 gold coins
35% - 4,0 gold coins
38% - 15,8 gold coins
41% - 63,1 gold coins
45% - 251,2 gold coins
48% - 1,0 platinum coins
51% - 4,0 platinum coins
54% - 15,8 platinum coins
58% - 63,1 platinum coins
61% - 251,2 platinum coins
64% - 1,0 sapphires
67% - 4,0 sapphires
70% - 15,8 sapphires
74% - 63,1 sapphires
77% - 251,2 sapphires
80% - 1,0 emeralds
83% - 4,0 emeralds
87% - 15,8 emeralds
90% - 63,1 emeralds
93% - 251,2 emeralds
96% - 1 ruby
100% - MAX

I think this joke worths mentioning because it references how the loot room changed in rogue soul, rogue soul 2 and now swords and souls. They are amazing games go chech them out if you haven´t. Yea and gentleman and Soul driver are pretty good games too.

shield prices:

ranged weapons prices:

melee weapons prices:

armors prices:

after completing level 30 you can trade money for exp. 10000 rubies is needed.


Fireball - Massive damage blast. I think it deals 5x your melee damage it is nice to finish someone or deal a lot of damage in short time.

Poison - Add +2 poison status. It is nice against bosses with huge health. stack the poison tactic can be quiet effective. Each stack deals 1/4 of your melee damage each second.

Lightning - Deals damage and stun (4s) It can save you if you time it right and keep your enemy permastuned. The damage is 2.5 * your melee damage.


Health potion - Restores max % of HP. It depends on your alchemist level:
0 - 50%
1 - 55%
2 - 60%
3 - 65%
4 - 70%
5 - 75%
use it if your heal is on cooldown and you are low on health.

Energy potion - Recharges your skills by max %. It depends on your alchemist level:
0 - 50%
1 - 60%
2 - 70%
3 - 80%
4 - 90%
5 - 100%
Use it if you want to use your skills again. I personaly think this is the most useless item in the game, because with impatient on level 5 all your skills have -35% cooldown so you don´t really need this potion.

Strength potion - All damage increases by the point of your alchemist level for 20 seconds:
0 - 1,5x
1 - 1,6x
2 - 1,7x
3 - 1,8x
4 - 1,9x
5 - 2,0x
maybe use it before omnisoul to deal increased damage. But I don´t really use this one either, because it takes some time to drink it and i rather use a skill on my enemy.

I won´t do a guide for the Armor games quests, because how to do them is in this guide already. maybe just serious lerner - silver mission medals are after mission 10 and the whole guide how to do the quests is here

one more advice is to play in the arena and if you can´t win just grind it. that´s how you get to the end.

I can not write how much money you get from it because it changes with your house level.
1 - The Newbies
2 - The Pariah
3 – The Village guards
4 – The Goblin stooges
5 – The Flapping monsters
6 – The ´´Ready to work!´´
7 – The Brutes
8 – The Town guards
9 – The Kezan warriors
10 – The Apprentices
11 – The Swamp squad
12 – The Lok´tar - Lok'Tar Ogar! - Victory or Death! in orcish from world of warcraft
13 – The Outlaws
14 – The Punk gank
15 - The Scarecrow union – cool joke at the end
16 – The City guards
17 – The Hat guild
18 – The Cave creeps
19 – The Borin team
20 – The Wind master
21 – The Peon union
22 – The Freak show
23 – The Barbarians
24 – The Death jokers
25 – The Flibidi avengers
26 – The Imperial guards
27 – The Melting pot
28 – The ´´Shall not pass!´´ - if someone in the world didn´t know - lord of the rings reference
29 – The Grishnakh´s guards
30 – The Warlords

5 waves beaten – bronze medal
10 waves beaten – silver medal
15 waves beaten – gold medal
20 waves beaten – platinum medal
25 waves beaten – super gold medal

then you can go theoretically infinitely. quick tip: you get more experience for every single wave you have beaten, which equals max waves beaten+1 exp multiplayer for example (you beat 16 waves you have 17x exp in the survival. after 5 waves you also get a checkpoint from which you can continue next time.

If you beat 25 waves in Survival you can challenge ... in Final battle. (Sir scarrow) no literaly it is 3 dots
This is the final screen after defeating him:

here is a quick overview of the arena:[/url]

here are my records, try to beat them:

My survival wave is 36.

I hope I have gone over everything important and I hope you enjoyed reading my guide. If you want to ask anything about the game write in the coments below.

This guide is now complete feel free to read it and share it with the world. And if you liked this little creation of mine here is my fanfiction profile i write mainly 18+ stories so if you are interested go check them out

And one special picture in the end. Ty for your support.

Update: I sadly don´t have time to maintain this quide to perfection (if it doesn´t sound offending) so image post failed me and deleted some of those pictures from which I don´t have backup.

Ragnarok was an additional spell that deals damage. still it´s pretty solid guide and I guess you can find the missing things on for example youtube. I am looking forward making guide for swords and souls 2 when it goes out. and I will use better image posting website.

Sorry to all I have failed.

Another update: I made papercraft of Sir Scarecrow:

If you are brave enough to build it, post your finished creation here please, I would really like to see that.

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Thanks so much for this guide! It was really useful during game play and leveled up faster. Thanks!

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wow it actualy helped someone your welcome

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Thank you for this guide sir!

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Archery I have 317 combo atm
Guide is awesome and helps much with achievements, thanks

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glad to help

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Of course, I found this guide after I've beaten the True Boss and already found all of the secrets. I could have saved so much time! haha
This is an awesome guide, komodor! Great work!

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I found a bug : If you use an offense spell (like 1st or 6th) to kill someone, if the animation lasts until the next mob comes, the spell repeats itself (you use it twice)

My gallery

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guide to all the secrets please?

110 posts

it is there just look carefully and yea the bug is still there but i remember since the beta you could chain it for even 4 or 5 omnisouls in a row hahahaha it was so broken

4 posts

i will post my records if/when i broke all of yours, anyway, this helped a lot, thank you very much

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Great work, lots of information, and always nice to see lots of handy screencaps! :]

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Here is my help and guide for unlocking all the secrets in the game Swords and Souls.

1) As soon as you open the home tab, you will see an option - Free Gold in the centre of the bottom-most part of the game screen. Click the option. You will not only get 2000 bronze coins but also a unlock a Secret - Some Extra Gold.

2) Go to Home. Stay on the home screen until you unlock the Secret - Family time.

3) Go to the shop. When it is opened, you will notice a person will appear towards the left of the game screen. He will appear towards the right of the place where the spells can be brought. Click on that person as soon as he shows himself up. You will now unlock a Secret - I'm a weirdo.

4) Go to the Museum. On the main desk, you will see a candle towards the left part of it. Click on the candle until it gets lit. After the candle is lit. you will unlock the Secret - Fire lit.

5) Go to Home. You will see a woman standing there. Click on her continuously to unlock the Secret - Leave me alone!

6) Go to the Shop. There, you will see the main part of the shop covered with a reddish cloth like material. Click the cloth continuously for some time. This will make that cloth to vibrate. Keep clicking till a person falls on it. This will then unlock the Secret - R.I.O...B

7) In order to unlock the Secret - Lost Children, you can take help from this video -

8) Go to Training. When it is levelled up until a certain level, you get a cat placed on the window sill of the training, next to the flower pot. [You get this upgrade when the training is upgraded by spending a few emeralds(which are green in colour)]. Click on the cat to unlock the Secret- I love mouse.

9) Go to Training. When it is levelled up until a certain level, you get a whale placed in the bottom most rack of the shelf towards it left end, next to a couple of books. [You get this upgrade when the training is upgraded by spending a few sapphires (which are blue in colour)]. Click on the whale to unlock the Secret - Hello Ground.

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nicely written guide for secrets, but if you haven´t noticed I already posted how to get all of them in the beggining of my guide

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@komodor, thank you.

guide to all the secrets please?

I wrote it so that everyone gets a clear idea of all those Secrets....

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