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I've watched many Debates between candidates for the presidency, and it always turns out the same. It's like watching a sixteen year old drop out attempt to explain why he should be hired as the new CEO for a multi million dollar company instead as a bus boy at a diner. Now, I'm not saying that all presidential nominees are on the level of a sixteen year old drop out; I'm saying that it's like listening to a go no where argument between such. I'm serious, when is the last time you heard a candidate actual stand there and really explain what they are going to do for us in excruciating detail. After all, they may love to tell the stories of how they sold lemonade when they were 4 years old, but guess what, the US isn't a freaking lemonade stand!!! If life were that simple, we could just elect any random 4 year old (or Chris Christie) and all our troubles would be over. So, instead of the "I will do this as your president!!!), and the "He [another candidate] hasn't done anything * bends over and points at the other guy and makes a stupid face *", I'd like to see these people wipe the schiestery grin off, talk to us like we not a bunch of cattle, and sell, I mean really sell themselves. I honestly think that it's wrong to classify these gatherings as a debate, and until they actually try to prove things about themselves using supporting facts and arguments (other than counting things on their fingers like "I created jobs" and "I lowered taxes"), debates they are not. As far as I'm concerned, choosing then next president is the same as placing the turds from a few dozen different animals into a cookie jar, shaking it up, and picking one out. They all stink, but hey! So many different shapes, sizes, and textures!

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