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Hello everyone to the first ( and i hopefully not the last) Story contest!

Topic: Sci-Fi Christmas
Category: Story
Type of story: Everything allowed
Limitations: Sci-Fi themed duh! And don't forget to be christmas related!
Content Level: All
Multiple Entries: Allowed
Dead line: New Year ( 00.00 UTC)
Prize: For now it is just the glory of chosing the next theme and types of the story :P

So guys, be ready for the writing of your lives! Write us a story! Shorter, longer, we don't care! Be it near future, space battles, aliens, robots - be creative! Romantic, action, naughty, comedy? Well.. maybe not the naughty part :P but let it just be everything for the first one xD, because Everything's possible

Multiple entries are okay. Creative entries are preferred

How do we judge? Well, creativity and writing style are most important to us. We can't let a story win that has an awesome idea but looks like written by a 5 year old and the same way we can't let a story win that has just not a good idea but is written like from a new author genius. We will penalize too many grammar and spelling mistakes, so please go through your story after you've finished it.

Good luck, and most importantly : Have fun!

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P.S. Please post links to your stories in the comments once you are sure that they are done.

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