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Hey everyone!

My name is Daniel and I'm interested in testing games! I'm searching for experience in order to become professional. This year (2015) I already worked in the business for a few months and supported an indie-developer over several weeks with bug-reports and suggestions, including screenshots and short video clips - and now I'm looking for more! It would be nice to make some experience with casual games / Flash games!

I'm open to any kind of genre, even though I have my experiences and preferences: platformers, survival, sanbox games and occasionally I love to play shooter! If this is important to you - for targeting reasons for instance - some more facts about me: I'm 27 years old, from Germany, visited university, spend several hours with games a day (PC), experienced with YouTube.

As mentioned I'm open to all the different projects as long as they are promising. For my purposes this means:

- the game is in a late alpha or beta cycle, so you won't drop it easily,
- it claims to be a high quality product,
- The testing process includes at least bug reporting. I can also provide balancing, gameplay and leveldesign feedback and suggestions. My German is on a very high level, so I can also take a look at your German loc, in case there is one.
- Just in case: if you use Jira, that would be great! But there's no specific platform or software I'd demand.

I offer you may testing services for free: Instead of just playing, I enjoy testing (as repetitive and stressful it might be). My benefit is the experience I gain and possible references for my future career. All I ask from you is that your game will be as good as it can be! : )

In case you have any questions , do not hesitate! - Since the subject is quite complex it would be suspicious if you and me, we both wouldn't have some! It's best you contact me via email to tell me about your project and needs:

Thanks for reading!

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