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There have been quite a few Armatar Contests that have had entries that were never made available for use. I apologize for this and will try to make amends...

All entries for past Armatar Contests that haven't been made available will be uploaded and available for selection and use for a while.

The list of Armatar Contest Entries concerning:

Batch #1 : Hallowe'en - Entries available from 03/23/2016 to 04/13/2016

Batch #2 : Sushi Cat 2015 - Entries made available from 04/13/2016

Batch #3 : Armor Games 10th Anniversary - Entries made available from 08/03/2016
and Easter 2016 - Entries made available from 08/03/2016

Batch #4 : Winter Holidays - Will be made available during the Winter Holidays of 2016. NOW AVAILABLE!

Announcement about which set is made available and for how long can be found in this thread.



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