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I have recently seen Batman vs Superman and it is terrible I have so much to rant about so get ready for the following wall of text.

The first hour of the film is just a compilation of random dream sequences, random scenes from the future and overall confusing scenes. If you make it through that hodgepodge of terrible scenes you get to see Jesse Eisenberg as... Lex Luthor! Jesse Eisenberg is a good actor in the right role but Lex Luthor is not that role. Lex Luthor who is a serious person, is played as a stuttering person who is the opposite of serious. If you make it through that you can finally see batman and superman fight... for 8 minutes. After that the movie throws in doomsday for no reason making superman, batman and wonder woman team up to try and destroy him. After a nuke is fired at superman and doomsday in the air. It actually DAZES superman, which is insane he is so underpowered in this movie. Doomsday then plummets from the sky destroying an entire city, luckily it happens to be uninhabited, so convenient.

The next part of this contains spoilers.

In the end there is a kryptonite spear that superman stabs doomsday with killing both of them. But wonder woman could of grabbed the spear! Or superman could of flown into the sun, which grants him temporary invincibility to kryptonite, and then used the spear!

No more spoilers.

All in all I do not recommend you sit through that mess of a film and DC have fun trying to revive superman for the justice league movie.

Feel free to leave your own complaints about the movie or (If you can think of any which I doubt) things you liked about it.

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