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Play the Donald Trump game!
Your goal is to eliminate all of the letters in "Donald Trump". How do you do this? Simple! Let me explain.
First thing you can do (and should do) is rearrange. You can make &quotlum" out of Donald Trump, making it Donad Tr/plum. Once you rearrange, that's it. You can't take it apart any further anymore, but there is a way to get rid of it.
Once you make an opposite of &quotlum" (perhaps orange), you can get rid of the two words. Here's how you get more letters:
Second thing you should be doing is expanding. To expand, you need a maximum of three letters. If they are abbreviations, then you can change the letters into the word(s) it is abbreviating. For example, NJ can be expanded to New Jersey. If this process just leaves you more stuck, you can try to skim words.
Third thing: Skimming. If you have, for example, h, t and l in a row (most likely from HTML), then you can skim it to get o and e. To figure out what words skimming gets you, or to even see if it's possible, use the example. h, t and l all go into hotel but is missing the o and the e, so skimming it will get you an o and an e. It HAS to be all of the letter in between, so tel won't get you ho. This can be done with a maximum of as many letters you want, but think thoroughly before skimming. If this leaves you in the dust, here's two more small things to help you with that:
Lastly, you can reverse and switch. You can reverse Donald Trump to get you pmurT dlanoD (obvious rules, can use reversing anytime you want, you can't reverse a rearranged word), and switch it to get Tronald Dump. In order to switch, one of the outcome words HAVE to be a real word and each set HAS to have at least one vowel before AND after you switch. Also, you can't change nj into New Jersey because for that it has to be all caps. Here are the formats on what to write:
Donald Trump
SW: Tronald Dump
pumD dlanorT
map: uD dlnorT
htl sk oe
oe sk r
rap: bb
rap/sing opposites: bb/ap
dog/cat opposites, I WON!!!
Gah, I'm stuck!

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