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I allow as many players as possible. Registrations are open!


Does.. Does anyone remember The Superhuman RPG? Way back about 4 years ago?

I admit, I didn't think I would be opening this game again. But then I think of the fun I had hosting it when I was fourteen. I started this RPG back when I was thirteen, I believe, and it had been a blast to play with my players.

Now that I'm almost eighteen (at the time of this OP), maybe I want to give this another try.

If you are aware of what I do here in the forums (and I really mean, aware. So skip past if you don't know anything about me):

[My ideas are all fizzed out at the moment. I will continue to update, though it DEFINITELY will be infrequent. What I'm sure, though, is that The Superhuman requires more improvisation than my own story. So it takes less of an effort, not that it detracts from how much I want to host this game.]


"A human figure rose and fell, its chest swelling slightly. It looked up, not knowing what it would look at in this darkness. Then a voice spoke into its head, and the figure screamed out, its body writhing in pain.

The figure stepped out into the light. It breathed in..

And something small fell out of its womb.

And it breathed out. It smiled and more fell from its body.

And more.

And more."

"You kiddin' me?"

A thirteen-year-old boy jumped in shock, as he looked at the source of the voice that startled him.

A woman, sat opposite him, stared at him with a quizzical and mocking look.

"That's how the first superhuman came to be?" said the woman.

The boy nodded fervently. "Yes! You've gotta believe me!"

"This is ****ing ridiculous."

The woman stepped out as the boy continued to shout, pleading for her approval. She slammed the door behind and shook her head. She looked around, the city bustling about her.

Superhumans were everywhere. She saw a few men and women in a construction site, lifting fifteen-metre bars of metal in each hand, walking about. The woman could hear chattering and laughter among them.

Cars streaked by in front of her, but there were many, racing past the cars. A lot of them wore business suits, T-shirts, shorts, jeans. Normal people, she thought.

She heard a booming voice coming from her left. She turned and looked as the glass walls of the town hall burst into shards as the mayor stepped out to view, red fury in his face. She heard a sigh coming from behind the mayor as the glass shards floated back to where they originally were.

The woman heard another scream, something ten times softer than the booming voice, coming from in front of her as a man in black snatched a woman's purse away. The man looked back, summoned a flicker of flame and threw a ball of fire at the woman. She ducked out of the way and sent her hand out. The man grunted as his grip on the purse loosened. He put his hands to the sides of his head and screamed in agonizing pain. The woman picked her purse up and fired a shimmering wave of force at the man, knocking him towards the road.

Where did they come from? she thought.


I hope the story above can explain the setting and tone of this whole RPG.

Now, I allow as many players as possible. I will try to keep track of everyone, but I need to have you do something for me. First off, fill it this sheet.

Name: (Insert)
Sex: Male/Female
Age: (Anything)
Superpower: (Anything within reason)
Biography: (Please keep it concise. I can't read walls and walls of text. It should include your past, personality and how you came to be in the present.)
Level: 1
XP: 0/20
HP: 20/20

Then, what I type below your sheet, please quote it and post it. I will also do the same for you.


I hope I can update once every day. I will try my best.

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