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The assault rifle in SFH2 is the main primary weapon for the the engineer and is generally the most versatile weapon platform in the game. It is also much better than all the crappy SMGs that you can get for a primary. Most assault rifles are great at medium range combat, whilst some are better for close or long range. In this topic, I will sort the tier list into these categories: Best, Great and good and giving each one a look at (there is no lower tier than good since all the assault rifles are balanced very nicely). Let it be known that the weapons in each tier are not in any specific order as all of them are mostly as good as each other. So lets begin!

Best Tier
The best assault rifles all fall under this category. They are generally the weapons you want to use to do good and kill everything.

QBZ 95
The QBZ 95 is a modern bullpup chinese assault rifle. It has some of the best accuracy and damage ratings and also has the standard 30 round magazine. However, the QBZ 95 has some of the slowest rate of fire stats for an assault rifle. But since you will hit most of your hard-hitting shots, this setback doesn't cripple the weapon at all. In short is is a one of the best all-purpose assault rifles out there. Plus, it looks cool.

The Scar or technically the Scar-H is a heavy rifle that shoots the NATO 7.62mm round, giving it an above-average damage model. The other stats are nicely spread out, though it's magazine capacity is low at 20. I would have put this in the great tier, but perks like adrenaline end up putting this weapon this high up. The Scar should be used in the same way as the QBZ, as both weapons boast similar stats.

ARX 160
The ARX 160 is a modern assault rifle made by Beretta. It is the ultimate assault rife for long range combat, with the best accuracy and damage out of all assault rifles. The other stats are very good, however this is a semi-automatic weapon which means you might get a tired finger after a long gun fight. This can be treated as an advantage because you can shoot more accurately. With this weapon you can even challenge snipers and beat all other enemies at long range. As I stated earlier, this is the best long range assault rifle and is also reasonably good at close and medium range too because of its high per-shot damage. Oddly enough it has one of the best rate of fire stats for any assault rifle, despite being semi automatic.

Great Tier
These assault rifles are almost the best. These weapons are very good at many things and don't have terribad downsides either.

The XM8 is the military designation for a lightweight assault rifle developed by the US Army. In game, it is a great all round assault rifle. It isn't awesome at anything, though does not have any real flaws either. It does very well at medium to close range and even sports the standard 30-round magazine.

The F2000 in real life is a bullpup weapon designed in Belgium. In the game it has great balanced stats (like the XM8) though it has the best rate of fire. Compared to the XM8, it's only weakness is that it has much worser ammo economy because it shoots so quickly. It is very good at close range and medium and long range if you have the ammo for it.

Good Tier
These weapons are good, but far from the best. In SFH2, these are kind of the "worst" assault rifles, but they are no means terrible.

AK 12
The AK 12 is the most modern variant of the AK series of weapons, utilizing a new 5.45 mm bullet and rail systems. In game it fires a 2-round burst (though I think this would be more fitting for an AN-94) and is very similar to the Famas in many ways, though it has higher base damage and rate of fire. However, the accuracy is poor which makes this a close to medium range weapon. The reason why its not any higher up is because there are just better options. Also, the 2 round burst is not that effective.

The Famas is a bullpup french assault rifle that has many variants. In SFH2, it shoots a 3-round burst and is good for taking down enemies at long distance along with it's excellent range. It seems like a great weapon as it also has a 30 round magazine but there is a very big delay between bursts, which can make you highly vulnerable at close and even medium range. Unlike the ARX 160, this cannot be used at close range, or at least, not safely. Use it as a long range weapon, but get the ARX 160 as soon as you can.

The M4A4 seems to be an M4, but I can't seem to get any real life info about it. In game it is an assault rifle despite the M4 being a carbine that has stats of an assault rifle. It has well-balanced stats though it trades a lot of accuracy for an increase in rate of fire. It is also the starter primary for the engineer. It is a good starter weapon, though there are many better options. It is an average assault rifle that is made for medium to close range combat.

I hope that you have read everything up to this point and that you have had an enjoyable read. If you have anything that you want to add, feel free to post it down below.

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