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How do you earn the Secret Quest from Crystal Story II? Ranked at "Insane" difficulty, and with only 648 people having it at the time of writing - it is a riddle not all have solved. This guide will help you get the quest. Also, scroll to the end for some tips on beating the true final boss of the game, and getting the true ending.

If you have any questions or want any more help, just post and mention me. (@JimmyCarlos)


Secret Quest:

This quest isn't difficult if you know what you're doing. To get the quest, you must first defeat the final boss, then collect 3 secret items located in the new areas unlocked across the map, which will allow you to fight an extra boss.

Item 1: Generic Stone

First, defeat the final boss (Dargon King). This will open up 4 new areas in the centre of the map, as well as hard mode for all the other areas. For the first item, go to "Sunken Ruins". Open up all the chests, and you will find a Generic Stone. Going to "Inventory" then "Misc" will allow you to read the Generic Stone's description - a riddle for the next location.

"A rare stone that has an engraving of a spoon. I wonder what it means."

Item 2: Generic Ice

What goes with a spoon? A Fork. Head to "Fork" south of the lake and enter the level on either difficulty. A chest will be there that wasn't normally here. Inside is an item with another riddle.

"An ice cube that never melts. Looks like a frozen heavenly material."

Item 3: Generic Water

Head north and go to "Landing" (To reach it, turn left at "Snowboard&quot. Inside is the third item you need.

"A flask of pure fresh water. I think it might come from a lake somewhere."

Final Part

All the cities now show a blue arrow, indicating a new side quest. Accept the quest and follow the blue marker to the lake.

In comparison to the Dargon King, the secret boss is not very strong. He is vulnerable to stunning - so Barrage would be a very useful attack. He is also weak against water and wind magic. The boss has two forms: the first with 11000HP and the second with 13500 HP. When he is down, the quest is yours.

Secret Final Boss:

In comparison to the last boss, the true final boss is an incredibly tough fight. To give yourself a fighting chance, you are going to need to do a lot of grinding to get Skill Points and upgraded equipment.



The best way I found to grind was to equip Kaz with a "Booster" to make sure he gets the "First Strike", then on his first go use "Cleave" to hit all opponents. As you get stronger, this will one-hit KO a lot more often. It is worth going to Skills then Rearrange in order to put Cleave in skill slot 2, so that you can attack just by pressing the "2" key twice.

The best place to grind is the Abyss on Normal Mode, as there are a lot of monsters that drop rare items which can be sold for lots of money.

One item which is definitely worth the hunt is "SP Ring". It can be obtained as a rare drop in "Abyss" on Hard Mode, or through replaying the final level of Mercenary Defense. Equipping this item doubles the amount of SP you get for each battle.

As you get stronger, use your SP to complete the Skill Trees for each character. You will need to nearly complete all the skill trees on all the characters in order to be ready for the secret final boss.

Also make sure to sell the items you gained at a city, the gems can be sold for 2500 each, the START or LAST items sell for 5000. This money is useful for buying Scrap Metal which you can use to upgrade your equipment. If you need low-level gems, the city "Warm Yeti" sells Emeralds and Amethysts.

Rubies and Sapphires are very hard to get. You get one of each from completing the Secret Quest. An extra Ruby can be won by getting a gold medal in Snowboard Track 3, an extra Sapphire can be fished at the fishing spot near "Doom Lair". Extra Rubies and Sapphires have a small chance of being won as a prize from replaying the final level of Mercenary Defense, or from farming in the Abyss on Hard Mode.


To take down the boss, make sure your four characters work as a team. In my head, I assigned a role to each of the characters.

D: Guard D will perform "Guard" on every turn, making the boss hit him instead of the others. Build D like a tank to withstand damage and get items that reduce the amount of damage he takes. Also, get D to perform "Auto-Raise" on every team member - making them instantly resurrect. Kaz can take Guard duties while D does this.

Useful Stats: HP, SPD
Useful Items: Frostblade, Plate, Full Armor, Mirror

Lina: Buffer Don't underestimate how powerful Lina can be in a supporting role. Get Lina to keep all the best buffs active, keep her allies topped up with mana through using "Mana Potion II" or "Mana Potion III" and throw a rocket to get some extra damage.

Useful Stats: SPD, HP, MAG
Useful Items: Moon, Plate, Full Armor, Talisman

Mari: Healer If you can get Mari's MAG high enough, her "Greater Heal" and "Heal All" spells can keep all members of your team standing. Her "Regen All" skill works well in tandem, and allows you to heal automatically overtime.

Useful Stats: MAG, HP, SPD
Useful Items: Repair Pistol, Plate, Amulet, Talisman

Kaz: Attacker Kaz will do the majority of the damage to the boss through the use of his "Barrage" ability. With a Monocle attached, usually one of his hits is a CRIT, meaning he can deal about 6000 damage per round.

Useful Stats: ATK, HP, SPD
Useful Items: Deathscythe, Plate, Monocle, Circlet


The Fight:

Head to Doom Lair for your final confrontation. On Floor 3 - a familiar face will be waiting for you - the thief Koohii from the original Crystal Story game. Do not let her appearance fool you - she is by far the toughest boss in the game - and she's extremely dangerous.

Before starting the fight with Koohii, you might want to use the item "RS Bahumot", which can be stolen from the boss in the zone "Giant Land". This will start you off with lots of buffs - giving you an early advantage.

The battle is a long one, and the tide of the battle is decided by your buffs and nerfs. Before you start attacking, make sure you have at least the five best buffs active: "Auto Raise", "Blur", "Quicken All", "Spirit Up All" and "Regen All". It is a good idea to give Kaz "Attack Up", so that he can hit a bit harder. As expected, Koohii has very strong immunity stats - and is completely invulnerable to Stun. However, she can be afflicted with Poison, and she is not totally immune to Slow.

Take your time with each move - and remember the roles each of the teammates has. If you have spare moves where you can't do anything, replenish the "Quicken All" and "Spirit Up All" buffs as they have a limited time span. Deal with negative effects immediately through the "Cure" or "Cure All", and feel free to let other team members use healing spells if it looks like there is too much damage for Mari to heal in one turn.

After 198000 HP of damage, Koohii reveals her final form - and gets a deadly new meteor attack called "Judgement" which she stole from Dargon. Koohii becomes so huge, that sometimes the game glitches not allowing you to select your team members with the mouse. If this happens, just use the keyboard. Keep the buffs going and the damage flowing and soon you will have won. A big hearty well done to you, enjoy the final cutscene.

Best of luck in all your future quests!


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