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Hi, for me IT industry is I/O , you always give something for pc , and he pays you back with info. But now i just kinda ..... emmmmmm missed a big thing. you see i made my game about 70% and only now i thought how user will load for example images for sprites?i use pure action sript 3 and work with FlashDevelop. right now i make loader object to get my image from my pc and use it. But it only my pc , and user wont use my pc(yes , my dumb head only realized this in this stage of developing). So my main question how does look like a proces of "giving game to AG" and do i need to change some code(heard of so kind of sockets).

Also question about saving. know that there some kind of object(dont remember name right now), that can save a little info on pc while playing a game. this object most of the time used for saving system in game to know at what stage you are to come back and continue, but again this little object makes data file on users pc and i wonder maybe i need to save data on AG server for proper game saving. anyway hope you understood , and pls dont be mad if you dont . know that maybe you see some madness like "" wtf this noob is talking about"" but if you dont it could be good to hear some hints.

Some code to help understand problem(used part of Crate class)

loader_crate is a

public var loader_crate:Loader = new Loader();

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