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Do you have the skills to fly yourself towards these Quests for Learn to Fly 3?
It's A Plane, It's A Bird!
Fly Up 20k.
Hardness: Easy
Maximum Power
Level Up Any Item To Its Maximum Level.
Hardness: Easy
The Old Way
Travel 100k Sideways.
Hardness: Easy
Me And My Rocket
Reach An Altitude Of 100k Without Launchers Or Boosts.
Hardness: Medium
Penguin Penny Pincher
Have $150k In Your Wallet.
Hardness: Medium
Fly Like An Eagle
Fly For A Duration Of 200 Seconds.
Hardness: Medium
Small Step For Penguin
Beat Story Mode.
Hardness: Medium
Frequent Flyer
Travel A Total Of 20 Million Feet Vertically.
Hardness: Hard
Can't Weigh Me Down
Beat Payload Mode In 15 Days Or Less.
Hardness: Hard
Goodnight Moon
Destroy The Moon.
Hardness: Hard

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