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Hey folks! As you may know, we here at Armor Games have been publishing some great indie titles over the past few years, and going forward, we want to make sure these games are the best they can be. That's why we're looking for some hardy souls willing to help us with some pre-release testing, tracking down bugs and delivering feedback to the developers.

In return, you will, of course, get a free copy of the game, as well as a special merit. At the moment, we're looking for a few new testers to try out Sentry Knight Tactics on Steam (PC or Mac). The game releases in a few weeks, and while we've already had some wonderful help from some very thorough forum folk, we'd like to take on three more to make sure we've stomped all the bugs and glossed up with all the polish we can. If this sounds like something you're interested in doing, please let me know! We appreciate your time and help, and would love to have some committed folks we could reach out to in the future for other games.

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