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Hey all, I have had an armor games account for a very long time now but this is my first post on the forum so I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong area but I have to figure this out its been on my mind for awhile

I am trying to find a game (or atleast its name) that I remember was released on here back when ArmorGames first was introducing MMO games (Or atleast introducing an MMO section) to their website. It was like a top down mmo game that kind of like the 2d zelda games, but played as a traditional MMO that had the setting of medieval times. I am just curious becasue I had a lot of good times on that game but I cant seem to be able to find it on the Website anymore. If anybody has any idea what it could be please help me out thanks.

I know its a longshot but if there any longtime members of the ArmorGames community that remembers I would love to hear any suggestions.

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