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Drumroll… Cradle of Magic!

CoM - is the MMO that combines RPG with the resources time management strategy and 1v1 fights with using the magic power from collectible cards. Let’s see who is stronger: a pure skill or a powerfull card in a hand?

The game takes place in a fantasy medieval world that has changed with the advent of magic. Old foes have gained new abilities and weapons. The world was filled with new marvelous creations that will change the lives of ordinary people. Save them, hero! And find a princess! But remember now the strongest man - is the man who can command the magic (not only brutal power).

The development of your hero is based on magic’ resource extraction. Player should evolve his own camp to mine runes, gold and sapphires. Resources can also be grabbed in the battles. In the battle you can also capture the magic cards of your opponent (or lose own). The player can gift and trade resources and cards. Note: do not forget to relax in our chat

THX for reading :]

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