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In this Guide, I will Create a step by step biograph and walkthrough of the bosses and some Enemies in Sinjid. This walkthrough can be classified for any class in the Game. This Guide is for Zone 1, 2 and 3!

Bandit Hill (Zone 1)
The Enemies here are the Easiest for any class to beat, especially Bandit scouts. Equip Bandit Armor, Bamboo staff, Armored boots and A Hat from This Zone To get a Fine Beginning.
Mad Lord Yuji: Be careful, He is a little hard to beat on Hard mode! Be Careful when he Enrages Himself, Because when he Does, He gets a little bit increased Damage, but a little slow Speed! Eventually, you'll beat Him!

The White Forest (Zone 2)
Most of The Soldiers Here are From the imperial army, so, Don't fight all of Them at once! You can get 2 chest items From Here - Kabuki mask and Izumi Sabatons.
Warlord Izumi: He is Very Strong and Fast. He also Has a Healing Ability! Avoid Him as much as you can and interrupt his casting whenever you can! Eventually, You'll Defeat Him!

The Burial Grounds (Zone 3)
The Niroshi Shamans are very Powerful Here! They can cast ranged Spells Which can K.O. you, So Kill them ASAP. The Hunters Here can Cast The Spell - Invulnerable Shield Which can Reduce the Damage you Do to Them to '1'! The warriors Here Have Blade Storm too!
Warlord Niroshi: Be Careful! He is a Really Hard Boss! He can Summon Risen Warriors! He can also Cast Dark Shield Which Reduces the Damage you Do to him! He can also cast Blue Projectiles called 'Spirit Blades'. He is Hard, But Eventually, You'll Defeat Him!

Thank you! I will also Create another walkthrough for zones 4, 5 and 6 in the next few Days...

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