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Hello. I made this topic to suggest a HTML5 battle system integrated in the website itself. I got this idea from a talk we had with Druhan and Hungerpains on Oct 31, 10PM (Eastern European Time Zone)

We talked about what could make AG a livelier place. We tried to come up with suggestions that could be enjoyable by users of this website and also beneficial for the authorities.

The battle system would consist of companions[1], challenging other players[2], and leveling up companions through challenges or quests. There would be a set of companions like Armatars for new accounts, and there would be more usable companions when you gained enough quests to rank up. It would be based on the AG ranking system that already exists, like Farmers, Shepherds, Peasants, etc.

[1] Companions
I'm well aware that this companion system is similar to Kongregate's "Kongpanions," however, Kongregate didn't do a very good job with it. There's only a game that's very dulling, abused by people, and Kongpanions barely play any part in it.

However the companions on AG would play a big part. It would attract people, and make the website more interesting for users that already come here.

The companions also would be animals, fictional figures such as knights and mages, or, anything. What would be more fun? PLAYERS submitting their own companions! But of course they'd need to be approved of first. Which means, more work. They would level up with quests and challenges.

There also could be exclusive companions, ones that you get from holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Or valuable companions awarded by authorities if you'd like, but that is not quite necessary. That would give an energy rush to players, though.

Companions also could evolve into different forms after leveling up, or be traded for another companion with your friend. Nothing like nostalgia!

[2] Challenges
Challenges are an essential part to this Companions system. It would be a waste to draw and implement all those creatures if we were unable to challenge people.

Companions would level up and get EXP from challenging another companion into battle. They would be given 4 skills, strength defined by their level. After leveling up we'd get a skill point or two, and use it for some classic stats such as attack, defense, speed. What's good about challenges? Socializing!

If I challenged my friend, they would get a message saying that I challenged them. They could accept or reject me. We would only be able to challenge people that are online at the moment. But there'd be an option in the settings menu which allows others to challenge me even when I'm offline, and engage into an AI battle.

I'm not going to list pros and cons of this idea, since it's better to debate.
However, I think it's a good idea to get more returning traffic. As for advertising this, Reddit would be a good place to do that, since they have a category for web games.

I'd like to add that adding this "companions system" will increase the userbase and revenue. It could be a huge boost based on how well the authorities execute it.

Example companions
Popular creatures from myths such as werewolves and vampires could be used as companions. I believe companions should not look terrifying, but in fact friendly.

Slothbat (credit: Hungerpains)
A lazy bat with tiny wings and a big belly. He is very lazy and has bad hygiene, causing his bad breath to be toxic. This means the Slothbat companion will have skills based on poisonous attacks.

Mico (credit: Utini)
A friendly ghost that protects children from monsters under their bed.

Aside from this suggestion I'd also like to list some bugs I've come across the ArmorGames chat.

  • On Chromium, no add-ons enabled, sometimes my messages don't send, they just disappear into oblivion.

Sometimes chat scrolls up automatically when there's a new message, refreshing solves this issue.

On Chromium, no add-ons enabled, I don't receive private messages. This problem cannot be solved by refreshing, but I receive all messages I haven't received when I hide and show the chat with the "Hide Chat" button.

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