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This guide is for everyone who loves Arcuz already and who wants to explore the games limits and the crazyness, that comes with nearing these borders. This walkthrough will be complete in terms of how to get to that point, but will not cover all the basics to the game played in a cheatless and common way.

Setting up this result devides in 3 major phases each with their own goal and challanges. But before i come to these 3, i will go into a detailed description of all bugs and tricks used, to be able to refer to them later in the walkthrough part. Afterwards i will talk about skill and stat distribution.

-Item replacing:
This glitch allows to dispose of one item to replicate an other. To use it you must be in chapter 3+, since you need Pauls chest for it. First you place the item in the chest you want to give up on. Then you pick up an equiped item from any of your epuip slots, switch it with the not needed item by clicking it, then reswitch to have your equiment picked up again and reequip it. Then you pick up the item to replicate from your inventory and place it on the item you want to dispose of. It should fit into the already occupied slot, if the items switches instead, you screwed up before in the above explained preparation. After successfully "stacking" the items thus, you close and reopen the chest. While the chest is closed, the stack should still be visible in its position. Once you reopen the chest remove the upper item and the lower should have turned into its copy, be it whatever it is. Remove the copy too. The act of removal is critical to reset things, since you are messing with the games ids. Therefor always drag everything in your inventory and close the chest before doing anything with it. To be save check your equiped items if anything went missing, and if, since this glitch does not involve saving, you can simply shut down the page and restart the whole process. This glitch can be done with multiple items in multiple chestslots simulantouesly.

-Compsing points restore
This glitch allows you to restore a gears composing points to unlimited extends. It requires Pauls Chest so chapter 3+ is nessary. It works simple: Place the item to restore in the the chest and close the chest. Then save and quit the game and reenter it. By that reloading the item in the chest should have its default max. points recovered. This glitch works with multiple items at the same time too, but not all chestslots reset the points.

-100% Compose success on everthing
This trick requires preparations. Ready all you stones and crystals you want to use in advance and then use the saveseal in the game. Then open the game a second time in an alternate tab in your browser. Futhermore in the explanation, one of the tabs will be called the "composing tab" and the other one "savestate tab".
This trick of course makes sense only for composes without 100% success rate. You start by trying the compose in the composing tab:
If it works out, you excel this in the order stated: Save and Quit your savestate tab. Move on the saveseal in the compose tab, wait for the save to finish and the screen to unfreeze from the brief freeze while saving, to make sure the save is done correct. Reenter the game in your savestate tab and click away the introcution until you actually see Walter and your Avatar, since this late the save is loaded, not yet during the chapter introduction. Now you can go for the next compose in the compose tab.
If the compose does not work out excel the same steps but with inverted tabs. Save and quit the compose tab. Move on the saveseal in the savestate tab. Reenter the game in the compose tab. Try the compose it again.
Since this trick involves, what tab has saved most recent, you can, if you keep that in mind, even undo mistakes you make in the process, just be careful and keep in mind, that both save and quit and hitting the saveseal creates a new save.

With the 3 used glitches/tricks explained here we go for the road to becoming a god in the 3 stages there are to it.

The first stages goal is to reach chapter 3 and unlock pauls chest for both glitches require it. Therefor you must basically only kill 20 level 7 wolves and complete pauls first main quest in chapter 2. Then you simply run past all enemies in Rose Forest to get Susan her honey and complete chapter 2, since bees can be savely taken down, even at a level disadvantage, and beating level 7 wolves does not require much training. I recommend to buy or use looted accessories early, they will remain yours through the whole game so choose which look you prefer them too have, as you can craft them up fully anyway at your own leisure. You can craft them up before chapter 3 with whatever you get and even level 1 accessories can take 12 composes without reseting.

Stage 2 takes much longer and can be most repeating. You basically want all stones and crystals once each to be able to potenially replicate them with the by Item replacing. Then you should max atleast droprate to level 4 on your accessories by aid of Item replacing and 100% Compose success. As dumpitems i suggest buying potions from susan since they are cheap. If you need money you can complete chungs quest and sell replica of the assasin you get since it value is about 2200 and this results in suffient supply on potions for Item replacing. Once your accessories have a greater value you can sell their replica as well. Futhermore the second step involves reaching level 31 and complete anything but the secret valley final area and maximizing your accessories. You are free to max them out right away or use the loot you get throughout the game to power them slowly over time, the latter beeing much more difficult and therefor longer. But no matter from what starting point finish composing them before entering the third stage.

Stage 3 is where you learn the true meaning of insane. Other than the former its duration is virtually impossible to calculate and basically depends on how much time you are willing to invest before quitting. Even i have never done the 100% in it. At the start you should buy some level 31 Equiment and get droprate level 4 on them, as well as hp on kill level 1 on the armoritems to bascially be able to survive the upcoming farming sessions and have max droprate. The goal is spoken simply to get every item on level 31 in gold, to craft it up to 100% of its potential. Keep in mind, however that only level 31+ enemies can drop level 31 unlock equip be it gold or not. For that reason i recommend the third to fifth area of the secret valley final, for there are many 31+ enemies about in both number and percentage. Dont kill Goblins, Wolves and Hornets for no reason, for these can not generate a good loot due to lower level and only waste your time. Ill give a little teaser to the overpoweredness you can expect. The maxed shield level 31 gold is the most expensive item in the game, worth beeing sold almost a millon (998601 gold).

Now as for skill distribution: For the Tome of Skill is very rare, ill bother with common skillsetup, i would run the hurrican line with all 9 points and the speedup skill, giving you two basic combat abilities with the 2 hurricanes and to bossbattle abilities in speedup and blade storm. All other active abilities simply do not compare. Other than that make sure to max out all stat up, and what is left you put in the weapon proficiency of your chioce, best beeing falchion, since your damage is already off the charts, attack speed is the best futher offensive asset, as actual the weapon damage contributes very little to your dps, for weapon element thunder is the way to go, due to its potent stunning ability. If you have a Tome of Skill you can get all skills, if you like, by Item replacing, except for the passive beserk trigger ratio and the weapon finalities, what renders the weapon exclusive abilities out of your reach too. The reason is, these abilities actually harm your power, instead of asseting it. If you want berserk, go with the reliable active. Its duration is almost as long as its cooldown, so if you want it, you can have it all the time, but you can not use it, if you do not like too, the passive forces you instead for no reason. The finality skills all lock you in place, leaving you open for thunder stuns and such things as well as not asseting your overall damage, since by their channeling time you could have done the same damage with a restarted combo.

As for stat distribution, you are basically free to replicate tomes on whatever scale you like. But i personally go like this: 500 strengh to compensate the lack of offense in composing compared to defense. 130 agility, since with a max shield and other armorpieces you get a nifty 60% block on all kinds of attacks both magic and normal, as well as giving you a high base defense for your modifier of 360% to work with. 100 constitution just because a 100 looks always nice as well as beeing a balanced value compared to the other stats. And 112 luck. That allows you to have 100% crit with no item visible on your sprite, but that only for the gimmick of it. What isnt a gimmick is the fact that luck actually assets droprates. But with the droprate already this boosted, i can not recommend to scale more, even going from 100 to 200 luck at max items only gives a 5% relative increase on actual drops. On higher numbers its even less per point scaled. Thus, do as you like with luck later, but keep in mind, that the boost in crit can affect the midgame, if done before the second stages storypart. Futhermore dont forget about the 50 bonus points of all stats up. I personally get agility, constitution and luck to the 50 lower repective values before i start running the story in stage 2, thats just the quickest way, for you can do anything without need to train and max out strength along the way, investing all random loot into tomereplication.

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