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This guide is for everyone who loves Arcuz 2 already and who wants to explore the games limits and the crazyness, that comes with nearing these borders. This walkthrough will be complete in terms of how to get to that point, but will not cover all the basics to the game played in a cheatless and common way.

But before i explain the way of setting this up, i will go into a detailed description of all bugs and tricks used, to be able to refer to them later in the walkthrough part. Afterwards i will talk about stat and skill distribution.

-Item replacing:
This glitch allows to dispose of one item to replicate an other. To use it you need Pauls chest. First you place the item in the chest you want to give up on. Then you pick up an equiped item from any of your epuip slots, switch it with the not needed item by clicking it, then reswitch to have your equiment picked up again and reequip it. Then you pick up the item to replicate from your inventory and place it on the item you want to dispose of. It should fit into the already occupied slot, if the items switches instead, you screwed up before in the above explained preparation. After successfully "stacking" the items thus, you close and reopen the chest. While the chest is closed, the stack should still be visible in its position. Once you reopen the chest remove the upper item and the lower should have turned into its copy, be it whatever it is. Remove the copy too. The act of removal is critical to reset things, since you are messing with the games ids. Therefor always drag everything in your inventory and close the chest before doing anything with it. To be save check your equiped items if anything went missing, and if, since this glitch does not involve saving, you can simply shut down the page and restart the whole process. This glitch can be done with multiple items simulantouesly and with stacks of items.

Edit: This glitch also works with Kimuras inventory in the same way.

-Compsing points restore
This glitch allows you to restore a gears composing points to unlimited extends. It requires Pauls Chest. It works simple: Place the item to restore in a slot of your chioce in the chest and close the chest. Then save and quit the game and reenter it. By that reloading the item in the chest should have its points recovered. Take it out. This glitch works with as many items at a time as you like, but not all chestslots work.

-100% Compose success on everthing
This trick requires preparations. Ready all you stones and crystals you want to use in advance and then use the saveseal in the game. Then open the game a second time in an alternate tab in your browser. Futhermore in the explanation one of the tabs will be called the "composing tab" and the other one "savestate tab".
This trick of course makes sense only for composes without 100% success rate. You start by trying the compose in the composing tab:
If it works out, you excel this in the order stated: Save and Quit your savestate tab. Move on the saveseal in the compose tab, wait for the save to finish and the screen to unfreeze from the brief freeze while saving, to make sure the save is done correct. Reenter the game in your savestate tab and click away the introcution until you actually see Walter and your Avatar, since this late the save is loaded, not yet during the chapter introduction. Now you can go for the next compose in the compose tab.
If it does not work out excel the same steps but with reversed tabs. Save and quit the compose tab. Move on the saveseal in the savestate tab. Reenter in the compose tab. And try it again.
Since this trick involves, what tab has saved most recent, you can, if you keep that in mind, even undo mistakes you make in the process, just be careful and keep in mind, that both save and quit and hitting the saveseal creates a new save.

-Stat compound bug
This one you might actually trigger by mistake. Every time you hit accept in your skillpanel, you magic resist, sp and hp on kill and bonus weight compounds itself, as well as Hp and Sp are set to 100% before item modifiers. Just keep an unspend skillpoint to abuse it and just without spending it, hit accept over and over and over again by constantly reopening and accepting in the panel scaling the said stats as high as you want.

With the 4 used glitches/tricks explained here we go for the road to becoming a god.
The first goal is a tricky one, you must by all means stay level 1 until pauls chest becomes avaible. To reset your experience just take off your armor, so the enemies can onehit you over and over again for your exp. to reset to 0. Once you have a djinn, complete the spider venom quest, if you havent already, but beware, as some quests reward experience, you must by all means lower your experience before completing one if possible. After you have enabled pauls chest, get a big stack of potions and sell its replica to get money. Next you scale the djinns. Keep in mind for the dumpitems gathering you can in susans crafting inventory actually destack potions, so you are free on items to dump for the Item replacing. Since you always double the amounts the numbers skyrocket soon. Get about 10k djinnstack just to be save. Then spam them until you get a golden level 1 shield with neither of these stats: Defense, %Defense, Droprate. Once you have a befitting shield, you can choose among the other stuff for some fancy gear, but the shield is the only thing you really want. Then you go explore the dungeon. Once you have all gems found or can buy them from geb at D5 scale up stack to them all each crystal about 128, but 256 for the stones. Then by abusing 100% Compose success on everything and composing points restore get the shield at +5 and level 4 on: %HpBonus, %SpBonus, Hp on kill, Sp on kill, critical ratio, magic resist and block ratio. The other stats are actuall harmful to your gameplay, which is why you avoid them here and in selecting your shield in the first place. All thats left for you now, is to scale your level and beat the game, but in the meanwhile stats and skills will come and that i will cover next, before i continue the walkthrough part.

As for stat distribution, i recommend 1000 strength, 585 agility, 100 con and 280 luck. 1000 strength is a value only befitting a god of battle but you can go with much less if you like, but is makes the game very draggy. 585 agility is the very core to this whole strategy and this value must be reached at all cost and not one point more nor less. For as we will cover in the skill section, you want as little defense as possible while having 100% block, thats why the level 1 shield and as few defensive booster as possible. This combo will lead to 1200 defense at max level, which is the possible lowest defense with 100% block. With the Stat compound bug you can reach 100%+ magic resist as well. That means once you have 585 agi, NO melee attack can ever hit you again, only ranged attacks from bow wielding enemies and spiderweb shots can still hurt you. 100 constitution is a nice round number, but if you want to be save, play more, for with this low defense, bows attacks can hurt much and since you cant afford to increase defense as well see later, more hp is your only way to become durable. Keep in mind though the HP-scale ratio on constitution is horrible, so scaling it doesnt reward much. 280 luck is the best value to go for. Less is stupid as you wont get 100% crit without it. And more is useless for it increases only your droprate, that you wont need. A pratical self-imposed rule for reaching this insane sum, with minimum annoyance: all levelups points and questreward points go in strength. For the other stats get 15 agi, 10 con and 30 luck by tomereplication once you have found these tomes. Then for each new teleport you find, including backtracking on the ones you found already by the time you found the tomes, you scale 40 tomes of a kind (a full inventory). 13x40 times for agility, 1x40 for constitution and 5x40 times for luck. With the 50 bonus from all stat up skill, youll end up on the values above. 5 left teleport scales go into stregth and then including all levelup and questreward points you have about 100 stregth left to scale additionally via tomes to reach 1000 at level 120.

As for skills, you want to grab swordfaire (just one point) and the finality as well as the sword active (full level on both). futhermore the whole bladestorm tree, the fire elemental, holy light, berserk (active ability, not passive), all stats up and curse resistance. Futhermore you put one point in the first shield ability and max all futher ones and if after that you still have some points to invest in last stand. Youll have the set with the first two bladestorm tree skills, fire elmental and sword special skill for basic combat and bladestorm, summon storm, berserk and holy light for bosses. Doing this will take you more or less the entirety of the main story.

Now to continue the walkthrough, as you now know what the stragety of becoming op is about and at the very end to the reason of me calling low defense an asset. As you progress get some accessories at some point, only to posses level 4 on %attackbonus, critical ratio, SpReg, HpReg and bonus weight. Do not get %defensebonus or droprate. As for your sword if you want before facing the only true battle, you can craft once up instantly after beating balor first time, ending the main story, completing it in all stats but droprate and giving it thunder element, ofc golden sword by djinns. And now finally to the reason for the low defense, the most difficult battle in the whole matter: Balor second time. Once you beat him first time and complete the game once, get sword and accesories well and fully crafted as stated above. Then, i do it always on level 69, cuz the sword looks fancy, but the lower the level the better, get the abilties mentioned above beforehand and face Balor a second time. Hell be level 125 and almost impossible to damage with melee attack. But dont bother attacking him. Hell kill himself over time. Because as he hits you with you 100% blocking it, he has a 50% ratio to trigger the final shield abilty damage reflect, and this damage is actually the bigger the lower your level is, that is why i fight him right away after balor first time and dont wait for level 120. Hell simply damage himself. If you like toggle berserk, as it cuts your defense in half, hell recall himself twice as hard, but beware with halved defense the skeleton archers deal lots of damage, so defeat them quickly. This damage recall is the reason for not using any armor item but a low level shield with as little defense as possible and no defense futher but the needed agility to get 100% block and for encountering on such a big level gap. And beware if at some point he summon the skeleton king and you get defensecursed. Dont apply berserk then, its is to risky for then skeleton achers can oneshot you. Just to be save keep holy light in use and if you can max out the ability last stand too. If you have not enough SP to use your blade storm or summon storm if you need it vs a group of summoned archers use stat compound bug to get you so back to full SP. This is btw. the reason for not running %SpBonus on your shield.

As for the rest of the game,you just need to reach level 120 and then craft up a Yitan-Sword, except droprate, and put thunder element on it, as thunder is the best element and you are fully geared. For abilties you should, unless you can learn all with a skilltome anyway, max out last stand get assasin (passive), get tiger jump, get recovery, get heroic stamina and max out your weapon profiency. If you have a skilltome you can learn all, except passive berserk ratio and more points in the first shield skill, as defense is not wanted. Doing this should keep you busy till level 120. Futhermore make sure to carefully calculate you levelups after beating balor to actually end up on 1k strength, no matter when you scale the missing ~100 points.

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