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this is becoming a trend now on armor games. developers are building demos and " pay full game at steam " version, while we the armor games community are nothing but guinea pigs. unacceptable, why didnt just added a "test" tag or did the developers lie about the flash/html being finish. these are the current games that the developer admits being "test versions".
engine: game maker studeio

developer statement: "We've fixed this issue. We do not plan a steam release unless we see there is enough support for the game."
engine: ???

developer statement: "Our apologies. We thought we made it clear what portion of the full game it was. We've updated it to make it really explicit, even telling you exactly which chapters you can play (which is hours long). Hope that helps!"
engine: ???

developer statement: "Hi [playe_name]! Bugs will be squashed on version 1.1.2.
More dynamic battle? Will implement the best i can do for Steam version
Thanks for playing!"

player name respons: "Oh, so this is a DEMO?"

developer: "I think it's more like a prequel. I'll try my best to keep the saga interesting "

this needs to stop or better yet remove this from your site: "We strive to deliver the best gaming experiences... on the internet and on your mobile phone."

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