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Travel across the land as a dragon trainer! Discover and hatch dragons, raise them, and breed them! Of course there are other gameplay options! You may get involved in fantasy politics, join in fantasy wars, and have Fantastic Adventures!


Use Dragon Cave for all dragon collecting/raising

Don't be a jerk to people just because you don't like them. I mean, if you have to, okay but don't just go around hating.

Don't post super inappropriate content, do that on your own time. This RP is for fun.

Speaking of fun, don't forget to have it. Remember, it's just a game, no OOC death threats, please.

Character Template:





Normal humanity. Can learn almost any skills


Basically the Kahjit from skyrim. Have hands that are evolved from paws, so their fingers are thicker and shorter, and their tumbs are more centered in their palms.


A viking-like society of rather tall ice-people. They can see in the dark, and can withstand extreme cold.



The land of Argonia is the capital of Terceria. A bustling trade center, Argonia is split into five sectors. Each one is aligned to the points of the compass. The center sector is Argonia City, the capital.


Elusia is the source of all magic in Terceria. In the center of the continent, there is an area of floating islands, in the center of which there is the capital.


also known as the Darklands, Vestrus is undoubtedly the most evil land in all of Terceria. Not much is know as all exploration missions have failed.


This desert wasteland is on the opposite side of the planet, which is why no one had learned of it until recently when the first warships were created. Sathilia is home to several strange creatures, one of these is the sandworm, a giant worm that travels beneath the surface of the dunes.

Isle of the Gods:

A perfectly round island in the center of which is the palace of the gods.

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Name: Noctus Omega
Race: Ar'Vak
Age: 17
Appearance: Thick, black fur, long, fluffy, tail, usually wearing brown leather pants and a linen shirt
Skills: Sneak, Mechanics, Stamina, Swordsmanship.
Bio: Noctus's only memorys are from about a week ago, when he woke up in a pile of hay outside of a bar in central Argonia. The only things he remembers before this is the face of his younger cousin, who he has been trying to reach since he awoke.

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Name: Blank
Race: Human...?
Age: 32
Appearance: A dark hood, Brown hair, tan skin tone, Pitch black eyes, and about 2 Meters tall. he keeps a staff and sword on his sides at all times.
Skills: knows lots of magic, including healing, cursing, and even necromancing. also knows his way around a sword.
Bio: Nobody knows much about Blank. Blank isn't even his real name. Nobody knows anything about him. Not his address, his master, or even his tone of voice. Very rarely, when thieves are running about, he shows up, and unleashes skeletons to attack them. Strangely enough, he seems to be more interactive with them than with actual people.

Am i accepted?

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