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The [CasualCollective]
Hi all!
Remember the fantastic game minions? it used to be the most popular multiplayer game on Kongregate, where it attained a 4.26/5 rating. It features a gameplay very similar to the League of legends, only that it is much more light-mooded and each game is relatively short - about 10-15 minutes per game.

The game is released 8 years ago. There are still about 600 active players. The most fantastic feature of casual collective is that it emphasizes on forging a close-knitted community. Once you get used to the incredible interface, it's impossible to quit. Also the players there are on average more mature and sophisticated. The forums there talk about serious issues like politics, religions and sex.. You know grown-up stuff. If you are tired of the trolls here in Kong, join casualcollective!!

The [CasualCollective]

Active tournaments:

Real Money tournament - buggle connect is also taking place by dedicated players! Winner prize is about 20USD! And it's really easy to win!!

So click the below link and start playing!!
The [CasualCollective]

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