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So I take computer science classes in college. I know the basics of programming like linked lists, binary search trees, polymorphism, and inheritance. I have a winter break between semesters and I want to stay fresh on my programming skills. To do so i'll make a simple game, but I also want something worthy of being posted onto Armorgames. Since I attribute my interest in computer science partially to and it seems like a fun project. So I have a few questions.

•I'll be using Visual Studio 2015 to code my games in C/C++, along with SFML. Is this allowed, or is there a specific program I have to use to make my games eligible for submission?

•How do I submit my game? Is it in a .zip file?

•Developers? Should I apply to be a developer or is that something entirely different?

•Is there anything else I should know? Connecting it with the Armorgames Quests system would be cool, but maybe if I make a lot of games and I actually get good at making games, I'll delve into that field.

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