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I don't know if there was another post about this lurking somewhere, so I'll just ask myself.

I remember in 2014 (or 2015?) when ArmorGames had an April Fools' day thing where we waited a couple of minutes to get coins for quests that were only available that day, and then 2016 April Fools' came around and ArmorGames released this new "game" that loaded forever, and an Easter Egg hunt for Easter as well, and the site probably had more fun tiddlybits before that, but that's all I remember.

When will we have some more of these activities, and what will they be?
(i mean, ik this is probably a dumb question but i really like holidays)

This is just a random question that randomly popped into my head, and I just thought to ask it ('cause why not?). On a Saturday. At 11:00 PM.

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