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[000] Table of Conents
- [001] Introduction
- [002] Step-by-Step Walkthrough and Speedrun Guide
- [003] Secrets
- [004] List and Definitions of Instruction Key Words
- [005] List of Locations and Sub-Locations
- [006] List of Non-Player Charcters (NPCs) and their Locations
- [007] How to Use This Guide
- [008] Thanks and Send Off

[001] Introduction

This is the complete walkthrough for the game Midnight Cinema by Caramel Games. The walkthrough will follow the fastest route and will not go over any secrets, this way the walkthrough will double as a speedrun guide. There will be a separate section for secrets if you wish to uncover them.

[002] Step-by-Step Walkthrough and Speedrun Guide
STEP. 1.): From the Starting Location (Randy's Room (Room B)), PICK UP Crowbar (on the Middle Shelf to the very left side of the screen), PICK UP Screwdriver (on the Ground in front of Randy's Bed), and PICK UP Scissors (on top of the Television).

- 1A.) - LEAVE Randy's Room (Room B) to ENTER the Second Floor. From the Second Floor ENTER Your Room (Room A).

- 1B.) - PICK UP Mug (located on the Kitchen Counter to the far right of the screen). CLICK ON Cupboard (third from left located near the top left of the screen). PICK UP Sheet inside Cupboard.

- 1B.) - ENTER The Bathroom/Toilet.

- 1C.) - PICK UP Remote (located on the Bathroom/Toilet Room Counter).

- 1D.) - COMBINE Screwdriver + Remote TO GET Battery.

- 1E.) - COMBINE Scissors + Sheet TO GET Costume.

- 1F.) - LEAVE The Bathroom/Toilet. LEAVE Your Room (Room A). CLICK ON Stairwell to ENTER Lobby. LEAVE Lobby to go Outside.

- 1G.) - CLICK ON Taxi Sign (located on Lamp Post) to ENTER Travel Screen.

STEP. 2.): GO TO Halloween Central.

- 2A.) - Outside, CLICK ON Garbage Bin TO GET Glue.

- 2b.) - ENTER Halloween Central.

- 2C.) - USE Mug ON Barrel of Fake Blood TO GET Fake Blood.

STEP. 3.): GO TO Caffeine Hub.

- 3A.) - Outside, PICK UP Pipe (located in Boxes to the far left of the screen).

- 3B.) - Outside, USE Crowbar ON Manhole Cover to reveal Quarters. CLICK ON Quarters TO GET Quarter.

- 3C.) - Outside, GIVE Costume TO Boy Wearing Black TO GET Fishing Wire.

- 3D.) - ENTER Caffeine Hub.

- 3E.) - USE Glue ON Telephone (located on Stand in front of Bouncer).

STEP. 4.): GO TO Cap'n Sauce/Pick-a-Book.

- 4A.) - ENTER Cap'n Sauce.

- 4B.) - TALK TO Pizzeria Employee. (This step must be done in order to be able to hand him the pizza ingredients.)

- 4C.) - PICK UP Tongs (on Table to right of screen).

- 4D.) - USE Quarter ON Phone (located on the Wall by the Door with the Staff Only Sign).

- 4E.) From the Phone Interface dial 555 4121 by CLICKING ON the appropriate Numbers. (NOTE: The user must wait for the phone mechanism to rotate back before dialing a new number.)

STEP. 5.): GO TO Caffeine Hub.

- 5A.) - ENTER Caffeine Hub.

- 5B.) - USE Scissors ON Pen (located on Stand where you put Glue on the Phone).

- 5C.) - PICK UP Pen.

- 5D.) - PICK UP Bat (located on Counter to left of Caffeine Hub Employee).

- 5E.) - TALK TO Caffeine Hub Employee TO GET Lemon Bar.

- 5F.) - USE Pipe ON Coffee Machine (located on the Counter to the right of the Caffeine Hub Employee).

- 5G.) - Complete the Coffee Machine mini-game TO GET Coffee.

Below is a image of the completed Coffee Machine mini-game in the final correct position. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Coffee Machine Mini-Game Tips: All the pipes must line up correctly including the small pipes behind the big pipes. There are arrows on the pipes that must match up and the coloration of pipes must match too. The arrows and coloration help make the mini-game easier.

STEP. 6.): GO TO Halloween Central.

- 6A.) - Outside, COMBINE Fishing Wire + Bat TO GET Bat + String.

- 6B.) - Outside, USE Bat + String ON Wire to scare the Girl Wearing Pink away. (The Wire is located above the Girl Wearing Pink and connects from the Lamp Post in the top left corner to under the C in the Halloween Central Sign.)

- 6C.) - Outside, PICK UP Candle (on Cardboard Box/Table that says "SAY NO TO HALLOWEEN" ).

STEP. 7.): GO TO Caffeine Hub.

- 7A.) - ENTER Caffeine Hub.

- 7B.) - ENTER The Bathroom/Toilet (located on the right side of the inside of Caffeine Hub).

- 7C.) - PICK UP Mushroom (on ground in bottom left corner). PICK UP Candy (on Counter to the left). PICK UP Flash Light (in Garbage Bin to the right).

- 7D.) - COMBINE Battery + Flash Light (Off) TO GET Flash Light (On).

STEP. 8.): GO TO My Place.

- 8A.) - Outside, GIVE Candy TO Billy to make him Puke.

- 8B.) - Outside, USE Tongs ON Puke TO GET Mushrooms.

- 8C.) - CLICK ON The Apartment Building to ENTER the Lobby.

- 8D.) - USE Tongs ON Mouse Hole TO GET Cheese.

- 8E.) - ENTER the Storage Room (from the Lobby).

- 8F.) - USE Flashlight (On) ON The Bats (in the upper right corner of the Storage Room).

- 8G.) - PICK UP Key (with Red Tag) (that The Bats drop on the Ground in Storage Room).

- 8H.) - LEAVE Storage Room to ENTER Lobby.

- 8I.) - USE Key (with Red Tag) ON Mailbox (labelled A B on the Left Wall of Lobby).

- 8J.) - PICKUP Laxative in Mailbox.

- 8K.) - COMBINE Laxative + Lemon Bar TO GET Lemon Bar + Laxative.

STEP. 9.): GO TO Cap'n Sauce/Pick-a-Book.

- 9A.) - ENTER Pick-a-Book.

- 9B.) - GIVE Lemon Bar + Laxative TO Man Holding Books. (NOTE: If you just give the Lemon Bar (without Laxative) to the Man Holding Books, he will eat it and demand another. You can always buy another Lemon Bar from the Caffeine Hub Employee if you do not have one.)

- 9C.) - GIVE Pen to Lisa Westberg TO GET Signed Book.

- 9D.) - LEAVE Pick-a-Book to ENTER Outside.

- 9F.) - ENTER Cap'n Sauce.

- 9G.) - GIVE Cheese, Fake Blood, Mushrooms, and Olives TO Pizzeria Employee TO GET Pizza. (NOTE: Items are given to the Pizzeria Employee one at a time. Order does not matter. Once he gets the last item is when he gives the Pizza.)

STEP. 10.): GO TO My Place.

- 10A.) - ENTER Randy's Room (Room B). (To get there from Outside, CLICK ON Apartment Building to ENTER Lobby. CLICK ON Stairwell to ENTER Second Floor. CLICK ON Randy's Room (Room B) to Enter it.)

- 10B.) GIVE Coffee, Pizza, and Signed Book TO Randy TO GET Ticket. (NOTE: Items are given to the Randy one at a time. Order does not matter. Once he gets the last item is when he gives the Ticket.)

STEP. 11.): GO TO The Rialto.

- 11A.) - CLICK ON The Rialto to Enter The Main Lobby.

- 11B.) - GIVE Ticket TO The Rialto Employee TO SEE The Movie and Complete the Game.

My final time from my speed run was 4 minutes 16 seconds. I may have been able to do better due to a few minor mistakes I made during the run.

[003] Secrets

Here are a list of Secrets within the game. If I did not discover the secret myself credit is given to the user from which I learned the information from whether that user is the first to discover it or not.

- Mirrors - There are three Mirrors in the game. One, in The Bathroom/Toilet in Your Room (Room A). One, in the Lobby of the Apartments (My Place). And one, in The Bathroom/Toilet of the Caffeine Hub. Whenever you Click ON any Mirror the Main Character tries to see if the old Bloody Mary folklore legend is true.

- Mirror Jump Scare - CLICKING ON the Mirror in The Bathroom/Toilet of the Caffeine Hub will lead to a Fake Error Message, followed by a Jump Scare. After the Jump Scare the game returns you back to where you were. You can no longer CLICK ON that Mirror after seeing the Jump Scare.

- Mirror Note - Only the Mirror in The Bathroom/Toilet of the Caffeine Hub will lead to the Fake Error Message and Jump Scare. None of the other Mirrors do this and you do not have to CLICK ON the other Mirrors in order to get the Error Message and Jump Scare from the Mirror in The Bathroom/Toilet of the Caffeine Hub.

- Garbage Bin Jump Scare - If you CLICK ON the Garbage Bin Outside of My Place, Oscar will pop up to try and Jump Scare you.

- Scary Phone Line - You can dial 6,6,6,1,3,1,3 on the Telephone in Cap'n Sauce to hear a Scary Story.

[Credit To User: samkwak for this secret.]

- Computer Mini-Game - There is a Mini-Game you can play on the Computer in Your Room (Room A) at My Place. If you TYPE melt the wizard and hit ENTER and then TYPE throw thermal pod and hit ENTER you will Win the Mini-Game.

[Credit To User: Devin231 for this secret.]

[004] List and Definitions of Instruction Key Words

- CLICK - CLICK with the Left-Mouse Button.

- CLICK ON [ITEM] - CLICK with the Left-Mouse Button CLICK on an Item or Environmental Item.

- GO TO - The user must CLICK the one the Taxi Signs located on the Lamp Posts Outside. This will take the user to a Location Menu. From the Location Menu the user can select the Location to GO TO.

- ENTER - The user must enter a new Sub-Location within a Location by CLICKING on an Environmental Item like a Door or Stairiway.

- LEAVE - The user must leave the current Sub-Location by CLICKING on an Environmental Item like a Door or Stairiway.

- PICK UP - The user must CLICK on an Item in the Environment to add it to the user's Inventory.

- COMBINE [ITEM] + [ITEM] TO GET [NEW ITEM] - The user must CLICK an Item in their Inventory and then CLICK another Item in their Inventory to COMBINE the two Items the NEW ITEM will be placed in the user's inventory automatically after COMBINING the two old items.

- USE [ITEM] ON - The user must select an Item from their Inventory and use it on an Environmental Item.

- TALK TO [NPC] - The user must CLICK ON the NPC in order to initiate a conversation with them.

- GIVE [ITEM] TO [NPC] - The user must select an Item from their Inventory and CLICK ON a NPC to GIVE it TO them..

- GET - The user receives an Item. This action happens automatically and typically after giving an Item to a NPC.

[005] List of Locations and Sub-Locations

- My Place - The Main Characters Apartment Building.
Sub-Locations: Outside, Lobby, Storage Room, Second Floor, Your Room (Room A), Randy's Room (Room B), and The Bathroom/Toilet. (NOTE: Other names for The Bathroom/Toilet, The Restroom, The Water Closet, The Washroom, The Loo, The Privy, Lavatory, etc.)

- Halloween Central - The Halloween store.
Sub-Locations: Outside, The Halloween Store.

- Cap'n Sauce/Pick-a-Book - The Pizzeria and Bookstore.
Sub-Locations: Outside, The Bookstore, and The Pizzeria.

- Caffeine Hub - The Cafe (or Coffee Shoppe).
Sub-Locations: Outside, The Cafe (or Coffe Shoppe), and The Bathroom/Toilet.

- The Rialto - The Movie Theatre.
Sub-Locations: Outside and The Main Lobby.

[006] List of NPCs and their Locations

- Randy - Located at My Place in Randy's Room (Room B).
To get to Randy: From Outside of My Place CLICK ON the Apartment Building, CLICK ON the Stairwell, CLICK ON the Door labelled Room B which is Randy's Room (Room B).

- Billy - Located Outside of My Place.

- Girl Wearing Pink - Located Outside of Halloween Central.

- Boy Wearing Black - Located Outside of the Caffeine Hub.

- Pizzeria Employee - Located inside the Cap'n Sauce pizzeria.

- Man Holding Books - Located inside of the Peak-a-Book

- Lisa Westberg - Located inside of the Peak-a-Book
bookstore. (NOTE: She only appears after you get the Man Holding Books to move. She is the person that signs the Book for you to GET the Signed Book.)

- Caffeine Hub Employee - Located inside of the Caffeine Hub.

- The Rialto Employee - Located inside of the The Rialto.

[007] How to Use This Guide

- Main Steps will be in bold and underlined and will look like this: STEP 1.).
- Main Steps are divided up by Location.
- Locations will be in italics and underlined.
- Sub-Steps will be in bold and will begin with a bullet point (-) before them.
- Sub-Locations are places a player must move to within a Location. For example, in the Location My Place the player could be in any of the following Sub-Locations: Outside, in the Lobby, in the Storage Room, on the Second Floor, in My Room (Room A), in Randy's Room (Room B), or in The Bathroom/Toilet.
- Sub-Locations will be underlined.
- Instruction Key Words will be CAPITALIZED and in italics.
- Instruction Key Words are actions the user must take, like GO TO, PICK UP, CLICK, and ENTER.
- Items are objects the user can obtain and use within the game.
- Items will be listed in bold.
- Some Items must be COMBINED with another Item to obtain a New Item.
- The Instruction Key Word COMBINE will let the user know when two Items must be put together.
- Some Items must be used on objects in the environment. The user will see the Instruction Key Words USE [ITEM] ON [ENVIRONMENTAL ITEM].
- Environmental Items are Items that can be seen in the environment of a location such as trash cans, phones, and mouse holes. Some of these items can be interacted with, but do not go into the user's Inventory.
- Environmental Items will be bold and italic.
- Sometimes the user must interact with another NPC. These characters will be listed by Name and the Names will be in bold and italic.

[008] Thanks and Send Off

Thank you for reading my guide and hopefully it helped you with what you needed to complete the game Midnight Cinema.

Thank you!

- Reton8

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