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Hello, Everyone! As I Completed Kingdom Rush Frontiers From the KR Series, I thought that I would Make a Walkthrough For This Game. It's For Everyone!

Heroes and how you should manage them.

From the beginning, You get 1 Hero Alric, A melee Hero with Some magic abilities, after Completing a few levels, you get Mirage, a ranged hero, With Balanced out Abilities, and After completed another set of levels, You get cronan, Who can summon a lot of Animals, and can do a stampede through the way. After you get all 3, you should focus on only 1 hero, So that you can level the hero up faster, And max him out and all the hero's abilities.

Placing Towers on a stage

Defeat or Victory depends on this topic. Your towers on a stage should be balanced according to How you have upgraded them.

Archer towers have little Damage in the start, But can be deadly and can have Extreme range, if maintained Correctly. Crossbow forts have the special Ability - Falconer which Boosts up the towers range from 'Great' to 'Extreme' and also boosts up the range of towers nearby. So Build crossbow forts nearby Building. and The Tribal axe-throwers have amazing damage! Archer towers can be useful!

Magic towers have Medium damage and Reload slowly, But can Kill enemies in one hit if upgraded. The Necromancer towers are one of the strongest towers in the game, Having the ability to summon skeletons, Death riders, and Dealing good damage with a high speed rate! The archmage towers are also one of the Highest damaging towers of the game and are great. Their ability to Load upto three bolts is Amazing and deals Super high damage.

Artillery towers are moderate But Are Good in the end. Battle Mecha T200 are Very amazing if they have the Special Missile throwing feature in them. DWAARPS are also great and stop enemies for a little while giving the towers nearby a good Advantage. Overall, The artillery section is fantastic!

Placing Barracks is a little tricky. attach the rally points near towers for a Good advantage. You can also get extra Gold From The Assassin's guild, and The Knight's Templar is Fantastic! It deals high damage, has high health and is overall, very good. Assassins from the Assassin's Guild also have the ability to Be invisible if not attacked for a short period of time. They can't be targeted by ranged enemies When Invisible.

I will also share more info in upcoming ' The kingdom Rush Frontiers Guide - 2 By Ankur7 ' Thank you!

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