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DISCLAIMER! I cannot assure you that these will work on Heroic Difficulty but it is what worked for me in the game in general. Remember, there is a huge comment section down there to post your ideas. This is just to give players a mind set on what the class can do.

Hydraulic Move Set (Note all of these are FULLY UPGRADED)
-Vapor Cannon (To Recover Focus and for normal damage)
-Hypothermia (To leave a deadly DOT rebuff and for MAIN damage)
-Flash Freeze (To Stun the enemy and for burst damage)
-Mind Freeze (To render an enemy useless and for burst damage)
-Guardian Form (To increase Ice piercing and for increased defense/defence)
-Restore (To Heal Veradux or myself)
-Ice Wall (To guard my allies)
-Reconstruct (For emergency recovery)

Hydraulic Combo
First I like to start off with Flash Freezing the " priority target " to render them useless. I then like to use Hypothermia on that same enemy. This gives me a free turn to either attack an enemy or to heal/defend my allies. Once that one enemy has come out of the Flash Freeze, I use Mind Freeze to make them unable to use Focus Moves. Then I use my Vapor Cannon. I then repeat the combo if its ready.

Biological Move Set (Note all of these are FULLY UPGRADED and this is not recommended for Heroic Difficulty)
-Leading Strike (For Focus Recovery and normal damage)
-Vicious Strike (For Health Recovery and burst damage)
-Destroy (Enough Said.)
-Agile Exposure (To shatter enemy defense)
-Predator Form (For Focus Recovery and to increase damage)
-Adrenaline (To increase damage and focus recovery)
-Reform (To massively regenerate both health and focus)
-Break (To stun enemies)
-Regeneration (To have PASSIVE health regen during battle)

Biological Combo
I like to first open up with entering the Predator form, then applying adrenaline to myself. I then use Agile Exposure on the enemy I am targeting. If all of this is successful, I use Destroy to almost instantly kill them, or leave a large chunk of damage. I then like to use Leading Strike to get my focus back to 100, or I use Reform to heal an ally/myself. I then spam moves until my combo is ready again.

Physiological Move Set (All of these will be fully upgraded except Salvation)
-Dark Infusion (For Main Damage and to leave a DOT debuff)
-Corruption (To Devastate the enemy and to regenerate a LOT of health)
-Salvation (To Increase Veradux's healing ability and defense)
-Haunt (To leave a ticket for corruption or to drain focus)
-Terrify (To gain a regeneration buff)
-Epiphany (To leave a deadly DOT debuff and to spam Corruption)
-Phantom Form (To gain focus and regeneration)
-Free Will (To block damage and have regeneration)
-Tenacity (To increase my low amounts of health and defense.

Physiological Combo
I like to start off with Terrifying any random enemy. I then use Epiphany on the enemy I am targeting. Since Epiphany cannot be dispelled, I spam corruption on them until I either run out of focus, Epiphany debuff wears off, or an ally is in need of my Free Will move. After that, I spam dark infusion on enemies. I will only use Dark Infusion on myself if I have Free Will on me, and I have no focus. I will also use Salvation if Veradux is almost dead or needs to heal someone. I will repeat this combo until the enemy dies from insanity :3

More Notes:
-The Hydraulic combo will require as much "instinct" stat as possible
-The Biological combo will require a lot of "strength" and some "speed"
-The Physiological combo will require nothing but "instinct" and whatever "strength" you have
-The Physiological is proven the strongest combo as the DOT damage from "Epiphany" is so hard to recover from as it lasts 7 turns and if built right, will do over 1000 damage per turn by end game, added to the burst damage from "Corruption"
-The Biological is the weakest as it's flaws are little defensive ability, even with reform.
-The Hydraulic is more of a "waiting game" kind of combo as it uses more defensive ability than offense.

Hope this somewhat entertained you or even helped you.

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