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Dear Friends and Aglets:

As you may have noticed, I have not been around Armor Games as much recently. What has been happening with me is that I have been working 60 hrs/wk and taking classes for another 10 for over a year now. And it has paid off. I'm getting promoted next month with double the pay and double the responsibility that will leave me with less time for Armor Games. It was fun creating ridiculous threads and doing silly things with them. I loved seeing your mental poop. Your teamwork counting to 100. Your cheese slaps.

What will happen to "Count to 100"?
I have enjoyed presiding over the Count and truly believe it is one of the best ongoing threads on this site. I have made arrangements with MrDayCee to be the next Commissioner of the Count to continue the counting tradition. (He doesn't have the Quest. )

What will happen to "How Gantic Are You?"
As the most Gantic Gantestant of Season 3, FishPreferred will be running "How FishPreferred Are You?" this September.

What about "Stage Nine"?
Maybe some of you figured that out already, (The title is a huge hint.) but this is Stage Nine. The Forumnauts was just as much about me as it was about you. I've been here for almost nine years and it is time that I go the way of Strop and Cenere.

Farewell and Good Luck, Brave Forumnauts.


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