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So I had this discussion with a friend at school today, where if we were forced to make a decision to losing either an arm or a leg which would we choose? Of course, with a discussion like this, it lead to us talking about prosthetics and which would be the better choice.

I said that losing a leg would be a better choice, because there's so many things arms can do that would be very hard to replicate. I'm not saying it would be impossible for those actions to be replicated. For example; nerves would be very difficult, if not impossible, to replicate. Now sure, both arms and legs have nerves, but more things are done with arms than legs(at least that's the case for me). For example, when I'm reaching for a french fry from McDonald's, and the cashier doesn't frickin' tell me that they're fresh out of the oven, the nerves in my hand will react to the hot fries as a way of telling me, "Hey, don't put that in your mouth! It could probably burn your tongue off!" I mean the same could be done with feet, but I don't want to eat feet fries. Now I'm not saying feet aren't as important, but the majority of things feet can do seem a bit easier to replicate; like walking, standing, kicking, etc.

Back to the original story, my friend disagreed and she said that losing the arm that you don't use as much(For example, if you're right-handed that would be your left hand and vice-versa) would be the better decision. Honestly I kind of forgot her reasoning and what she did give was mostly the fact that feet also have nerves and stuff like that.

Anyway, I want to know your guys' thoughts. If you were forced to lose either a leg or an arm, which would you chose?

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