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Mom! Come on, I'm an adult now! I don't need you to coddle me anymore, I can do it myself.

sigh, I know...I know. I love you too, it's just...I'm not a kid anymore. I have a full-time job; I'm in college; I'm in a serious relationship - ....a REAL serious relationship; Mom...I don't even LIVE with you anymore CURTAIN FALLS OVER IN FRONT OF YOUR FIELD OF VISION

Curtain slowly begins to part, leaving just enough room for me to walk out on stage
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, that is right. A fledgling phoenix, trapped inside what was once a well-kept cage, has spread its wings and flew forth. We are of freedom and vision consisting only of possibilities. Life is good, and demons have been fought. I awaken each morning, thinking not "oh dear god it's 2pm god this feels really sh(poopy)*tty why am i doing this" but instead "ah yes today is a happy day and another day I shall shower my friends and family with love and support".

I have moved out of the mother's den, and into a realm of my own. I have a steady income and am no longer scrapping by paycheck-to-paycheck (but money is a story for another time), a healthy relationship (FINALLY), and rejuvenated sense of being. Oh, and also a kitten, now that I can finally have one
(hmu for snapchat if you wanna see more of her but also i will be selective of whomst've I add)

Life has finally begun.

ITT: Living situations and how does it affect your life rn?

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