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(Unsure if this goes in here or Games under the new format, if this is in the wrong spot apologies, and if so could I get a mod to chit-chat with me about this shindig)

I ordered Persona 5 online and it came in a few days ago, since then I've been playing it basically every waking moment that I'm able (much to the teasing of my girlfriend). I haven't had too much time to take out of my busy schedule to really play much, and as such I'm only just past the second palace. Regardless, I am really really enjoying this (note: this game marks my introduction into the Persona series), and having an absolute blast. I honestly can't remember the last time I just had goofy, joyous fun playing a game*

I would really like to hear other thoughts on the game, and any discussion of tips and tricks are welcome!

*note: This isn't to say I haven't been enjoying any games lately...I am currently partway through my first play through of Resident Evil 4, and am enjoying that as well. It's just a different game, so the emotions are different, of course.

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