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Decision 3 - Walkthrough

Decision 3 is the fourth excellent game of the Decision series (see the previous : Decision, Decision 2, Decision: Medieval). Take a bath in zombie blood and save the world in this addictive flash game!

A. Select your difficulty :

- Easy
- Medium
- Hard

Once you finish the main mission of the game a new button appear on the map menu. The button “Start over” allow you to restart the game with your current armory level with a higher difficulty.

B. History :

A virus has spread around the world and you’re the man of the situation! It is your duty to free the town from the infected swarms. You are the best chance for humanity to making it through these hard times. Brace yourself and prepare your weapons ‘cause it won’t be a piece of cake!

C. Allies :

During your journey you’ll encounter many useful allies which will help you by many ways. Some of them provides you cash or materials each days and some of them are required to upgrades your buildings (Outposts, Factories and Shelters). To use the skills or to use them for an upgrade, they MUST be in your team (don’t forget to recruit them in the reservation camps) :

- Citizens : Provides you 100 gold per day for each of them in your team. They are also required for Shelters upgrade.

- Soldiers : Can follow you to help you in your missions by recruiting them with the “Commander” skill. They are also required for Shelters and Outposts upgrades.

- Builders : Provides you 5 materials per day for each of them in your team. They are also required for Outposts and Factories upgrades.

- Rangers : Provides you 5 materials per day for each of them in your team. Can follow you to help you in your missions by recruiting them with the “Commander” skill. They are also required for Outposts upgrades.

- Engineers : Provides you 150 gold per day for each of them in your team. They are also required for Outposts and Factories upgrades.

- Captains : Can follow you to help you in your missions by recruiting them with the “Commander” skill. They are also required for Factories and Outposts upgrades.

- Inspectors : There is a total of 6 inspectors in the game. Each of them will unlock weapons, skills, and armors in your Armory. When you find an inspector during a mission, he will ask you to get him safe to the nearest Shelter. Be sure to find them all to get the possibility of becoming overpowered!

D. Inspectors :

Here is the location of every inspector and the list of what they unlock for you :

Border Area Inspector (Clean-Up mission) :
- Colt Python
- Coach Gun
- Stamina
- Engineering
- Hacker
- Leather Jacket

Coldwater Area Inspector (Outpost Mission) :
- Heckler and Koch
- Lee-Enfield
- Detector
- Commander
- Agility

Westside Area Inspector (Factory Mission) :
- Browning (M1917)
- Bazooka
- Stability
- Self-Defense
- Supplier
- Combat Armor

Commonwealth Area Inspector (Recon Mission) :
- Mills Grenade
- Panzermine
- Berserk
- Rage Injection

Broken Hills Area Inspector (Outpost Mission) :
- Roks
- Combat Knife
- Taunt
- Quake Leap
- Kevlar Armor

Freeside Area Inspector (Factory Mission) :
- Ballistic Shield
- Phantom Bow
- Collar
- Elite Team

E. Enemies :

There is 2 factions of enemies: Zombies and Mutants. Zombies are weaker than mutants so they will be your first hostile encounters. Those two species hate each other and will fight if they encounter.

Each kill provides you gold on the base value of the enemy multiplied by the killing reward percentage of your weapon which is displayed on the weapon information (in the armory or in the equipments). The base value of the enemy is the reward getting by killing him with a 100% killing reward. Here is the list of the enemies description.

Zombies :

- Zombie roamer : The basic zombie. Slow, weak and ugly – 16 gold

- Zombie reaver : A bit stronger than Zombie roamer but not a big deal either – 32 gold

- Feral zombie : Stronger and quicker than the zombie reaver – 80 gold

- Burning ghoul : Explosive zombies ! Don’t let them come too close – 112 gold

- Marked ghoul : Zombie with shotgun. Be careful, taking a full shot of shotgun will make you fall on the ground and you can easily be surrounded by a horde – 192 gold

- Zombie dog : A quick zombie. Dangerous when in swarm – 64 gold

- Zombie warg : Stronger than Zombie Dog, it often came with them – 112 gold

- Zombie troll : Your first Troll encounter. They are big and slow bosses which will throw you objects and charge you like a bull ! Be careful – 288 gold

- Giant zombie troll : Stronger than the Zombie troll, they will sometimes throw you grenades to your face – 400 gold

- Zombie god troll : The god of every zombies ! It is tougher than every zombies you encounter this far – 3000 gold

Mutants :

- Mutant peon : The basic mutant. Quick and weak. But be carefull, they are not zombies – 16 gold

- Mutant warrior : A bit stronger than the Mutant peon. Don’t let them surround you – 80 gold

- Mutant brute : Mutant with bow. Deadly by attacking you from far away – 112 gold

- Mutant master : Slow but extremely tough ! Focus on their friends first, you can easily escape from them – 224 gold

- Mutant captain : Slow, tough and armed with a rocket launcher ! Kill them first or they will make you fall in the middle of a swarm – 192 gold

- Wolf mutant : Quick as the Zombie dog but can Quake Leap on you, you won’t see them approaching – 64 gold

- Wulver mutant : Stronger than the Wolf mutant but basically the same – 128 gold

- Super mutant : Your first mutant boss. Stronger than the Zombie Troll, they will also Quake Leap you like John Cena – 320 gold

- Super mutant overlord : Stronger than the Super mutant, they will throw you grenades like the Giant zombie troll – 416 gold

- Super mutant boss : The strongest enemy in the game. Get ready to unleash a bullet hell on him without seeing it crying. He will throw deadly mines at you ! Watch your steps – 4000 gold

F. Control the territories :

The goal of the game is to free the city from zombies and mutants by taking every territories back from those abominations.

There is a total of 12 territories in the town :
- 7 controllable territories
- 3 reservation camps
- 2 uncontrollable territories

To control a territory you must first recon it. In the recon mission you will have to find the way to the Outpost and the way to the Factory. Once you’ve done it, the “Outpost rebuild” and “Factory rebuild” missions will be available.

In the “Outpost rebuild” mission, you have to find at least 3 workers on the map and escort them to the Outpost and then protect the Outpost from a wave of enemies. Once your mission is accomplished, the Outpost is yours. The Outpost is the gate between two territories. It is needed to open the way to other territories.

In the “Factory rebuild” you will also have to find 3 workers on the map and escort them to the Factory. Then you’ll have to clean the wave of enemies who gets out of the Factory. The Factory is now under your control. The Factory provide you cash and can provide you materials each day.

There is a third building to find in each maps : the Shelter. The Shelter allow you to recruit more members in your team.

You must upgrade all these buildings to the third tier (red upgrades) in order to control the territories.

The last thing required to have your territories perfectly protected is to reduce the threat to 0%. The threat of the territories play on the difficulty of the missions in this territory (more and stronger enemies). Each day, the threat of the territory will increase (or decrease) based on the tier of your Factory, Shelter and Outpost.

Your territory has also a chance to be invaded by a wave of enemies. You can try to repel this wave by playing a shoot ‘em up mission where you’ll have to try your best to not let the invaders pass through your gate, armed with the weapons you’ve build on your Outpost by upgrading it. If you decide to let the invasion going through the day (by sleeping or making another mission), the threat on this territory will increase by 40%.

If the threat pass by 90%, you will lose the territory and you’ll have to recon it again (don’t worry you will not lose your buildings upgrades).

You can decrease the threat by playing the “Clean-up” mission (Where you have to kill every enemies in the area with your own weapons. It will decrease the threat by 40%) or the “Frontier Outpost“ mission (Where once again you’re on the command of the Outpost’s weapons. It will reduce the threat by 20%).

Once you’ve upgrade all your buildings to the third tier and reduce the threat to 0%, your territory is fully protected. You will no longer have to worry for the threat nor the invasions. Congratz!

Now if you don’t already have done it, you have to accomplish the “Frontier Outpost“ mission to open the path to an adjacent territory.

G. Test your skills in the uncontrollable territories :

There is 2 territories in the town that are impossible to capture. “The Massacre” and “The Den”.

The Massacre : Get ready to fight against the Zombie God Troll, god of every zombies, in the middle of a sanguinary battle between mutants and zombies. Test your murdering skills by killing as much enemies as possible in the allotted time.

The Den : There it is! Prepare to face the great Super Mutant Boss , the toughest monster in Decision 3. But beware! This will not be an easy mission. The boss is surrounded by a horde of his minions. Hopefully, a troop of military volunteer will help you progress in the swarm. Once you kill it, you accomplish your main mission. By doing so, a new button appear on the map menu. The button “Start over” allow you to restart the game with your current armory level with a higher difficulty

H. Maps

There is a lot of treasures hide in the ruins of the territories. You can find them by passing your cursor on them.

Stashes are gold-full hideout. Once you’ve harvest them, they will disappear for the rest of the game. Find 50 of them and you’ll get an achievement.

Caches are reusable hideout for gold. They is not so many cache in the game but it’s a good way to make money easily.

Stocks are reusable hideout for materials. It can provide from 1 to 20 materials.

ATMs are devices which can be hacked to stole the money in them. ATMs have different hacking levels where you’ll need the corresponding “Hackers” skill.

Here is the detailed location of every of them including Shelters, Storehouses and recruiting points (the recruiting points are just indicatives, there is much more recruiting points than this! I wonder if they are not random by the way…) :

- Border Area

- Westside Area

- Coldwater Area

- Commonwealth Area

- Broken Hills Area

- Grayditch Area

- Freeside Area

- Massacre Area

- Den Area

I. Upgrade your weapons and skills :

To be a rampage god, one solution : UPGRADE YOURSELF !

Inspectors are giving you the best choices of their weapons and skills. Here is the list of all their knowledge upgraded to the max :

Weapons :

- The pistols

- The shotguns

- The rifles

- The snipers

- The heavy rifles

- The rocket launchers

- The grenades

- The mines

- The flamethrowers

- The melee weapons

- The ballistic shield

- The bow

Armors :

- Leather jacket

- Combat armor

- Kevlar armor

Skills :

- Stamina

- Engineering

- Hacker

- Detector

- Commander

- Agility

- Stability

- Self-defense

- Supplier

- Berserk

- Rage injection

- Taunt

- Quake leap

- Collar

- Elite team

J. Upgrade your buildings :

In order to upgrade your buildings you’ll need cash, materials and teammates. Once you accomplish the upgrade on a building, the teammates you required disappear from your team. Here is the list of all the building upgrades :

Outpost upgrades :

- Red upgrades (tier upgrades)

- Orange upgrades

- Green upgrades

Factory upgrades :

- Red upgrades (tier upgrades)

- Green upgrades

Shelter upgrades :

- Red upgrades (tier upgrades)

- Green upgrades

K. Tips :

Weapons : Upgrade the Heavy rifles ASAP. You’ll end having the Minigun, the holy grail of the Decision games series!

Skills : Speed is (in my opinion) the most important parameter for fighting. Try upgrading “Stamina” and “Agility” in first sight. Once those skills are maxed, you’ll be able to run (by maintaining the shift button) without getting tired. “Detector” is really important too!

Territories : Don’t try to recon all the territories at once, focus on the territory you just recon so you won’t be bothered by the threat and you won’t have to worry about losing your territories.

My progressing method : As I found the Factory upgrades really expensive in cash and teammates (1 builder and 3 engineers to get to the third tier) I prefer keeping my engineers in my team to make money. When I discover a new territory, I first upgrade the shelter with “Adjoining premises“. That way I can recruit more providers teammates. I then upgrade the shelter with the three “Militia” upgrades and finally upgrade my Outpost to the third tier. By doing so, I get a threat decrease of 11% per day. I have don’t have to worry any longer for the invasions because the threat will disappear in three days. I can then continue my territory conquest and upgrades the Factories when I finally own the entire town.

Farming : Don’t hesitate to farm to get cash. “The Den” and “The Massacre” are good farmlands as there are a lot of bosses on each and they have good base values!

Killing rewards : When farming, try using your pistol (100% killing reward) and melee weapon (300% killing reward). For big monsters like the Super mutant boss, you can hurt them with your minigun and then achieve him with your melee weapon (12000 gold!).

Threat : If you let an invasion pass on your territory, the threat will vary in this order. First it will increase by 40%, then your daily threat value will be applied.

Aiming : If you aim directly at the enemy, I think that you make a bit more damage. (But I’m not sure about this)

Recruits : Don’t hesitate to explore the maps you already control, you’ll find much more people.

Outpost : Never upgrade your Outpost with three minigun, you won’t be able to defend yourself. Three rockets are a good combo!

Protection missions : Sometimes when you walk in a territory, you’ll find a group of survivor who will ask you to protect them from a small group of enemies. You’ll gain 500 gold by survivor.

L. Doctor “Bear” secondary mission :

The doctor bear mission is a secondary quest activated by the encounter of a captain during your journey. But this quest seems to be glitched and apparently doesn’t have any end. There is nothing to do after the third step of the quest. Here is however the different steps of the mission :

- Find the captain (a captain in Westside area – Explore I)
- Find doctor « Bear » (an engineer in Coldwater area – Explore I)
- Find Matthew the biologist (a citizen in Freeside Area –Explore II)

M. Bugs and glitches

- Doctor “Bear” mission.

- If you pass from QWERTY keyboard to AZERTY keyboard, do it on the map selection. If you do it during a mission, you’ll mess with your skills keytouch.

- Upgrading the tier of your factory will unlock free space for your green upgrades.

- Sometime when you find an inspector and escort him successfully to the shelter, it will not unlock weapons in your armory. Retry the mission again.

N. Notes

Please feel free to contact me and give me information you judge necessary. Sorry if I made spelling or grammatical errors. English is not my mother tongue.

Thank to ArmorGames for their excellent choice of games and for allowing the little game developers growing

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