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How to play and win the game: Walkthrough :
First get crowbar in left right corner in bookshelf. then get screwdriver on floor. Get the scissors on T.V.
Exit room.Go to room on left (your room)
get mug near bowls. open top drawer on left. Get the towels. Then go to the room behind you (bathroom. get the remote on counter. Use screwdriver on it. Drag scissors on towel.
Exit both rooms down stairs and out of building. Ignore Billy. Hit bus. Then choose the pumpkin.
Hit the trash can. Drag the mug to the fake blood that has the container open.
Exit and hit bus, then go to the coffee.
Get the thing in the box, use crowbar on the manhole, get the thing in the sewer, and put the ghost outfit on the kid.
Enter Caffeine Hub.
Drag glue on the phone.(big one not the one being used)
Exit building, then go to the bus and go to pizza place. Go inside the pizza place next.
Grab tongs on the table. Talk to funky looking guy.( not pizza )
Put the quarter inside the phone, and call 555-412-1
Exit and go to the bus, and go to the caffeine hub.
Grab bat near man. Drag scissors to pen, then grab pen. Put pipe on the coffee machine. It should look EXACTLY like this :
After that talk to the guy.(super weird when he says ka-ching)
Exit, go to bus, and go to pumpkin.
Talk to girl, then put string/liner on bat. put the bat + wing on the cord above her. Grab the candle. (very mysterious candle)
Go to bus and caffeine hub, and enter it. Go inside the bathroom.
Grab mushroom. (lower left corner) WARNING : THEIR WILL BE A JUMP SCREEN! AFTER Grabbing candy. (I think after you try grabbing another one) Grab candy. Then grab thing in trashcan. Put battery into new found item.
Exit and go to bus. Go to "your place"
Give candy to Billy. Put tongs on throw up. (I have to say if you are going to put this on pizza your a really mean friend)
Enter apartment.
Put tong on tiny small hole. (bottom part of screen)
Enter storage room.
Put flashlight (on) on the top right corner. After that, get thing that was just dropped. (next to you)
Then put keys in the B A box. Grab item and put it on the lemon square.
Exit and go to bus. Go to the pizza, and enter Pick-A-Book.
Give the person the lemon bar + laxative. Give pen to lady.
Exit and go to pizza place.
Give all of the asked items to the funky guy.
Exit and go to bus. Go to "your place". Then enter building, up the stairs, and to spooky apartment.
Give all the asked items to him.
Exit building, go to bus and go to popcorn bag.
Give ticket to lady.
Congratulations! You won!
Easter eggs: Near your apartment you will see a trash can. It has a person in it.
Grab a second candy from caffeine hub and you will see error. Then you will be spooked.
In your apartment, you will see a computer. I don't know the code but just search Midnight Cinema computer game an I'm sure you will see it.
Thanks and I hope you liked this word walkthrough

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