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Greetings to everyone who is stumbling upon my message,

This is mostly for those who knew me in the past, but I'd like to say this is generally for the overall community. Some of you may know me from my past contributions to this place, which really wasn't much. A bunch of weird drawings, made up forum games, guides, beta-testing and other small things. I am also a Chat Warden, if that is still what it is called, or if I still do hold my position as one.

I've been gone, not too long, but I was gone. In any case, my absence has left a few things unfinished. For that I truly apologize for the inconvenience I've caused. Yes, things were probably a mess as I left them. Again, I am sorry. The reason for my leaving was probably due to my commitment, to well, my future. Life does move on. School has caught up with me and so have new friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, I am also now happily trapped in what people have always referred to as "significant other".

Looking back, I do not regret the amount of time I've spent here. I am moving on with my life, however this place is something I want to be able to carry with me as I walk. Even so, I probably cannot commit to big things here anymore, I do however would love to visit once in awhile or maybe a little bit more. I don't want to be forgotten in a place I've always felt like I belonged. So, I would just like to say hello again. I've missed you all, and am excited to meet more new faces.

tl;dr - Sorry for the mess I left, I'm back.

- Legend

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