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The objective of this game is to reach 200 or more by rolling 1d12 dices.

1) Roll a 1d12 and the result will be added to the count.

P1: 0) *rolls dice and they result 10*
P2: 10) *rolls dice and they result 4*
And so on.

2) Restart when:

  • posting an incorrect number or not including it in your post unless if it's an intentional mistake.
  • reaching 200.
  • back to back post happens (P1, P2, P1, P2) unless if there's a reset between them.
  • the wrong dice is used.
  • double post happens unless if it is used to repeat a "failed roll" or roll a dice if forgotten.

3) You can edit your post in case if you get ninja'd but if someone sees it before you can edit, it will count as a mistake and you'll have to reset the count.

4) You can use blue number emojis but make sure they are correct.

5) You can name your roll if you want as long as they are not intentionally offensive.

When you reach 200, notify me in my profile comments and I'll check if there are mistakes. If there is no mistakes, everyone who participated wins and be added to the scoreboard.

There are no wins yet.

I'll start. IHopeYouLikeThisGame = 11

11 = IHopeYouLikeThisGame
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