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So I played Yellow and I think it's a very cool game but I noticed that there isn't a walkthrough yet. So here I go:

There is a total of 25 Levels. The goal of each Level is to either make the whole screen yellow or do something related to the color yellow.

Level 1:
-click the yellow circle in the middle until the whole screen is yellow (about 8 times)

Level 2:
-pull the upper yellow part down until it touches the yellow yection on the bottom
-to pull just click and drag the upper section

Level 3:
-click and hold to paint yellow
-now fill out the number 3 with the paint

Level 4:
-if you click and hold a little, dark yellow colored piece will appear
-now you have to move your curser until the piece fits into a section of the number 4
-the first piece goes to the diagonal part of the 4
-the second piece goes to the vertical part
-the last piece goes to the horizontal part

Level 5:
-rotate both triangles until they fill out the black space
-to rotate click and drag the triangle in the right direction

Level 6:
-in the bottom left corner is a yellow circle, this circle will flash yellow fro time to
-every time the cirlce is completely yellow click as many lines as possible making them
-repeat until the whole screen is yellow
-CAUTION: if you click when the circle isn't completely yellow it will reset your

Level 7:
-rotate the wheel in the middle clockwise
-click and drag to rotate
-after some time the screen will fill up with yellow from the left side
-continue to rotate clockwise until whole the screen is yellow

Level 8:
-there are two dark yellow "ropes"
-pull the right "rope" down
-click and drag to pull
-you have to let go and "grab" the "rope" again so you can pull it
down again
-repeat to pull down until the whole screen is yellow

Level 9:
-click and hold the yellow circle in the middle
-if you hold it will increase but after some seconds it will start decreasing again
-just let go and click again to prevent it from completely decreasing
-repeat until the whole screen is yellow

Level 10:
-in both speechbubbles are black letters
-click the letters in the order of the games name: Y-E-L-L-O-W

Level 11:
-a yellow square will flash every time you click the screen
-click where the yellow square was and this space will get yellow
-repeat until the whole screen is yellow
-the squares will flash randomly and in no specific order
-NOTE: you don't have to click, the square will automatically flash once

Level 12:
-click and drag the dark yellow circle upwards and let go
-it will "stomp" down the black part and makes it yellow
-repeat until the whole screen is yellow
-NOTE: you have to drag the circle to the very top of the screen otherwise it won't

Level 13:
-it's like a little puzzle
-click and drag the 4 dark yellow triangles until they fill out the black triangle in the
-Top: triangle facing upwards
-Bottom: triangle facing upwards; triangle facing downwards; triangle facing upwards

Level 14:
-click and hold the yellow circle in the top right for a small amount of time
-the circle in the bottom left will be completely yellow for the same time as you clicked on
the top right one
-during the time the bottom left circle is yellow, you can click on the black lines in the
background to make them yellow
-CAUTION: if the bottom left circle isn't yellow and you click, it will reset your
-NOTE: if you hold down the top right circle for about 10-20 seconds, you have enough
time to fill out the background in one go

Level 15:
-there are three types of arrows: single (move one tile in the pointed direction); double
(move two tiles in the pointed direction); triple (move three tiles in the pointed -
-start wherever you want
-you have to move the amount of times the arrows show in the direction the arrows point
-click the tile where the arrow points you
-repeat until every tile is filled yellow
-CAUTION: if you click the wrong tile it will reset your progress

Level 16:
-the three sliders create a color scheme
-the left one creates red
-the middle one creates green
-the right one creates blue
-the background displays the color the current three sliders would creat if combined
-you have to make the background yellow
-move the left and middle slider to the very top; don't move the right slider

Level 17:
-just do nothing and wait
-the yellow circle in the eye will expand and keep expanding after some time until the whole
screen is yellow
-CAUTION: if you move the curser or click it will reset the circle

Level 18:
-rotate the circle on the bottom counter clockwise until the screen is completely yellow
-to rotate click and drag

Level 19:
-there are three sliders again
-the left one will make the triangles expand in size
-the other two will rotate the triangles
-you have to fill the whole background yellow
-move the left and right slider to the top; don't move the middle one

Level 20:
-there are 18 black triangles in the shpae of a hexagon
-if you click a triangle another one will be filled yellow
-click the triangle that just got yellow and the previous clicked one will get yellow
-repeat with all the other triangles until every one is yellow
-NOTE: no specific order required

Level 21:
-there are four circles with an arrow on one side
-if you click and drag one circle it will rotate
-you always turn three circle: the one you click on and the two adjacent ones, but they all
turn to the same side
-you have to fill out the black spaces
1. rotate the upper right one 45° counter clockwise
2. rotate the upper left one 45° counter clockwise
3. rotate the bottom right one 45° clockwise
4. rotate the upper left one 45° counter clockwise

Level 22:
-if you click on a square it will inverse the adjacent squares (make black ones yellow; make
yellow ones black)
-first click will inverse the left and right square
-second click will inverse the top and bottom square
-thrid click will reset all four squares
-you'll never change the color of the square you're clicking on
-you have to turn every square yellow
-you have to experiment at this point on how to get every square yellow

Level 23:
-there are two diamond shaped and to v-like shaped black tiles
-you have to drah the v-like shaped tiles to the diamond shaped ones until the v-like one
covers the diamond one
-now the v and the diamons will disappear and leave a yellow background
-repeat for the other one as well

Level 24:
-if you click the corner squares the yellow square will act as a "cursor" and
turn every black square it touches yellow
-you have to click the corner which is in the direction you want your cursor to go
-move to cursor over every square until eveyr square is yellow

Level 25:
-in the speech bubble are some black words
-if you click on one another speech bubble with words will pop up and you have to click on
another word
-click the two words wich will create the game title if combined: YELL-OW
-CAUTION: if you click on the wrong word the first speech bubble will show up after
you clicked on a second word and you have to start over

And yeah that's it for Yellow. It's a nice little game and the background music is relaxing as well. All in all it's a good little puzzle game and you should definetly give it a try ^^

Also let me know how my first ever walkthrough is or if there is anything wrong

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