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This is how it will be setup:
Medal Name: The name of the medal in game
Medal Description: The description the medal has. May vary on whether or not you have unlocked it
Medal Guide: How to get the medal. Kinda Obvious.
(Guide is in order from left to right, top to bottom)
1. Story Mode
Complete Story Mode.
Simple enough, crash that dummy penguin into the wall and smash it to bits! Or blow it up, that works too...
2. Classic Mode
Complete Classic Mode
I haven't quite figured out how this one works, but from what I can tell, you have to go really far, high, or fast. Just max everything out and go for distance.
3. Arcade King
Score a total of 12,500 points in arcade mode
This is across all 3 arcades, not just one. Look up guides on the internet to get the most out of each flight.
4-5. Pacifist 1/2
In Story Mode, spend 10/25 days in a row not damaging anything.
I recommend doing this medal with other ones, otherwise just turn around at the start and land behind the ramp (but don't crash down too hard, this can earn you destruction points!)
6. Skull Crusher
Crash to the ground with great force.
Fly up to a decent height with your boost, then crash into the ground. Pretty easy.
7. Planet Crusher
Crash to the ground with enough force to scar the earth!
Fly up REALLY high with your boost, then slam into the ground. You'll know when you get it, as a special cutscene plays out.
8-9. Reverse 1/2
Fly the wrong way for a total of 250/15000 feet.
If you hold a turning direction for long enough, you can flip your penguin and turn him around. Remember that this is total, not just in one flight. That applies to most of these.
10-11. Diving 1/2
Dive into the sea for a total of 100/1000 feet.
Once you pass about 1500 feet (tracked with the level 1 or higher stat meter from the bonus shop, the land gives way to water. Hit the water as fast as you can to go as deep as you can. A good run will give you about 200 feet, making this one kinda short.
12-13. Bounty Hunter 1-2
Earn a total of 1000/5000 bonus points.
Just earn other medals. Not much else to say.
14-15. Give an inch.../He'll take a yard.
Click on something in the shop.
Click on your money. Do it twice for the second one.
16. The Brick
Purchase the secret glider.
There should be a spot in the catalog under the Whirlybird 512. Click on it to get the Brick. It sucks.
17. Revenge of the Brick.
Destroy an obstacle using the worst glider.
It's not the kite. But, you will need a good ramp, sled, and boost, and maybe some explosives if you really struggle.
18. It's Rob!
Sometimes, when you run out of fuel at high altitudes...
Do what it says, and there is a random chance that R.O.B. 64 from Starfox will show up and refill your gas tanks. Thanks buddy!
19. Rise!
Sometimes, when you land from a flight...
There is a random chance that, when you stop moving on the ground, Zeus will show up, probably scare you if your volume is turned up, and then fling you way up in the air at 100 miles per hour. If you get this early on, you will get a LOT of achievements (not to be confused with medals)
20. The Easy Way
Unlock Classic Mode and Arcade mode with the secret handshake.
This one is easy for those who have CBD (Compulsive Booping Disorder), but I'll tell you since you probably don't have that. Click on the penguin's beak on the title screen. Boop!
21. Achievement!
Something to do with your mouse and this medal...
Click on the achievement. Boop!
22-23. High Flyer 1/2
Reach the altitude of 250/1000 feet.
For these two, I recommend setting your ramp to the highest point by using the ramp angle changer in the bonus shop. Then, use a helicopter glider of some kind (the bigger, the better) to fly up to the required distance. As far as I can tell, you need a high end copter (Either the Whirlybird or the Chopper) to get High Flyer 2.
24-25. Speedster 1/2
Reach Speeds of 100/500 mph.
For the first one, you'll more than likely get it through normal gameplay. For the second one, you'll probably end up getting it while going for the Diving medals or the Planet Crusher Medal. Gravity is a very strong force!
26. Master Bouncer
Bounce a total of 100 times.
This one is a doozy. I recommend going for it in Classic mode, as the Iceberg won't get in your way. In general advice, I recommend getting the level 2 data meter in the bonus shop, as it helps to check your angle, which should be anywhere from 0 to -20 to bounce, and you must be going fast enough. Additionally, you can only bounce on water, so make sure you get far enough out before you try to bounce.
27. C-C-C-Combo
Destroy all 5 obstacles in a single run.
This one is also pretty hard. Get all the Omega Gear, using the Glider and the Regular Boost, as well as the passive sled. You cannot make use of bombs for this medal, as you will die on the first obstacle. Set the ramp to its lowest point to slam into the snowman as you start, then turn around and keep low to the ground to hit the snow pile. From there, keep low, but head up a little to hit the Icy Rock and the Iceberg. Then, keep flying forwards, but gain some height to divebomb into The Wall with as much speed as possible. If you still have any, use your boost to get extra speed. It's no easy task, but keep at it and you'll get it. It also helps if you have a good computer or play on less intense settings, as the destruction of obstacles tends to lag a lot, making you lose control for a few seconds.
28-29. Achiever 1/2
Complete every achievement in a single game of Story/Classic Mode.
Most of these you will get through normal play or trying for the medals, but most of the others are pretty simple, except for Bounce 2 in Story. You need to keep going forwards, as you can't bounce upside down. Start bouncing ASAP, and don't be afraid to fly over or through the Iceberg with your boost.
30-31. Rich Bird 1/2
At some point in the game, have $25,000/100,000.
You'll probably get these two while going for other medals. They're deceptively easy, especially if you get the money making book from the bonus shop.
32-35. Duration 1-4
Fly for a total of 60 seconds/5 minutes/25 minutes/1 hour
These will come to you after a while of playing. Please note that this counts time spent only in flights, not on menus.
36-39. Destruction 1-4
Get Revenge by destroying 1 obstacle/each obstacle at least once/25 obstacles/75 obstacles.
The first two will come naturally, but the last two will require dedication. Destroy as many as you can per run.
40. I.C.B.P
Intercontinental Ballistic Penguin.
To get this medal, along with its special cutscene, you must fly over the wall. While this is easiest with a helicopter, it is possible without one. The wall is 600 feet tall, so you must fly over that height and still get to the wall. Use your boost sparingly and you should manage.
41-44. Milestone 1-4
Play the game for 10/25/75/150 days.
This is in game days, not real life days. Either way, this will probably come to you while getting other medals, otherwise divebomb at the start to end the day ASAP.
45-48. Traveler 1-4
Fly a total distance of 500/5000/50000/150000 feet.
This will come naturally to you as you play the game and go for other medals, but will take a long time. Good luck!
Thanks for reading, fellow penguins, and keep following your dreams. I hope I was able to help.

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Well done, very nice list for all the achievements in Learn to Fly 2! You've earned the guide quest and a merit! :]

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