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Here's a guide to Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures. Its final objective is to help people to obtain the last quest (Interestellar Explorer) , as the other ones are quite easy and fast to achieve. Let's go.

Introduction and basic stuff
The game screen is divided in two sections: left and right. The left one is where your hero (and pet) is and it's also the one where every minute an enemy will appear. The right one has five tabs, where you can do/buy different things. We'll see this later.
The final quest of this game consists on unlocking and completing the last quest from the first tab. This might be more difficult as expected, because the prices for unlocking new quests are quite high after "Hunting Dragons".

The tabs
First tab
This is where all your quests are. You'll have to keep unlocking quests, until you reach the end of the list. Each quest gives you a certain amount of gold and honor. If you upgrade each quest, the money (gold+honor) you recieve will increase, and the time needed in order to complete the quest will reduce. However, you'll eventually reach a point in which the time will reduce, but the money will not increase. I strongly suggest that you upgrade first the lattest quests, and, if you have enough money, don't forget to upgrade the older ones. For instance: upgrade first "Loot Trading", and then "Ore mining". This way, you'll make more money faster.

Second tab

  • Equipment and town: here you buy different upgrades for your hero and/or quests. Buy them as soon as you can, especially the recruits. This way, you can go offline being sure that you are still completing quests!
  • Stamps store: to buy stamps with real money. You can forget of this, as it's not worth it at all.
  • Kingdom's bank: it converts your gold in honor or your honor in gold. Use it if there's a huge difference between both values (e.g. 100aa gold and 200cc honor). Don't use in any other case, because you'll lose money in each conversion (commission of 25%!).
  • Rebirth: this is important and, therefore, we'll see it later
  • Perks: you spend hero spirits (HS, you'll gain some in each rebirth) here. Don't use it; all of the perks stop working once you go offline.
  • Achievements: they'll give you stamps when you complete certain requirements. Not very important.

Third tab: Hero Quests

  • Story Quests: if this is your first time playing, you'll have to complete first this quests first of all. They're a good introduction to the game. If you started the game before this was implemented, then restart the game. I know it seems like a waste of time, but you'll catch up soon.
  • Heroic deed: once you completed it, you'll have to wait 2 hours to do another one. Doesn't really matter if you do them or not. There's a quest in which you have to buy two spells: if you don't have enough stamps, don't worry. It is not important. BUT, if you skip the quest, 2 hours later, the same quest will appear, unless you buy two spells. Therefore, if you have 20 stamps, buy the 2 spells. If not, just forget about it.
  • Daily Quest: a quest per day, quite easy to achieve.

Fourth tab: Investments
This is very important. Once you reach "Hunting Dragons", you'll have to be brave enough to invest in order to unlock new quests. So that you won't lose much money, you'll have to keep an eye on the risk of each investment. Don't invest UNLESS risk: <35% (level I), <40% (level II) and <50% (Level III). Don't worry if a suddenly a lot of investments don't go as planned: in the long run you'll gain money. Keep an eye on the news: every now and then there's a piece of newwhich says that the risks go down. It's time to invest!

In order to defeat them, you'll have to click on them. There are no auto-clickers. Some of them give up a lot of money, so keep an eye on that regard. If you are attacking an enemy like this, you might want to attack them until they have 1HP, then wait until they recover and attack again. You could earn a lot of money this way!
Every 10 enemies, a boss appear. The only difference with the rest of them is that their health is way bigger.

Street treasures
They're thigs that pass by every now and then. If you click them, you'll gain a low amount of money and, sometimes, a stamp. Not essential.

Rebirth and HS
This is a very important point. Rebirthing makes you restart the game, but you'll gain HS, depending on the amount of money you have. Each HS will make you gain more money, it gives you more profit, so you'll go faster in the game.
After trying different strategies, I'd say that maybe the most efficient one is this: rebirth a lot of times, until you have a great amount of HS (~4000; the more, the better). Then, only rebirth once you unlocked and finished at least once a new quest. E.g. Unlock "Search for the grail", finish it, rebirth, continue until you unlock and finish the next one and rebirth again, etc, etc...
There is no fast way to do this: it will be very time-consuming, but I feel this is the best strategy you can follow. I suggest you play other games as the same time you do this, as it can be quite boring and tedious. Don't forget to upgrade your hero, as well.

Hope this helps somebody and, please, forgive any kind of error or typo I could've made. Thanks for reading this guide!

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