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Burrito bison revenge TIPS
1.For Newbies(shoob,noob)
Tip 1:THIS IS THE BEST TIP DO IT OR not'WAIT 4 sec and then lunch!'easy right?
but just the Cookie one !
Tip 2:Want to be RICH? you know how to click
Tip 3:Know what do you have to upgrade is important: should upgrade the elastic cables and speedoometer.
End...for noob
2.for new PRO(Profession)
Tip 1:if you have done your story mode now you may want to play survival mode.Now this is the tiplay story mode for 10 or 11 times,because the story mode gives you more $$$
Here:stroy mode 1 min~16000$
survival mode 1 min~7000or8000$
Tip 2:the Speed ! of corse upgrade your speed to the max then 'Fire Pant'
END...for PRO
The best tip: Youtube XD

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