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Sentry Knight: Conquest is the hard game,this game form type'upgrade'and upgrading is very easy.Haha do you think that,it's not easy at all.Now no more talking let's get some guide.
-upgrade is easy everyone can do it,it just take some coin and lvMax but it just few player can do the last quest.Here:the two things you need to know is damage and HP because this 2 things is very important!.You need the max HP and damage TO TAKE DOWN boss and monster! BUT where is money ? then i have a tip for you:if you have defeated the Queen mama slime boss,cursh that boss agian really i tried and it works.
-Super easy to beat a monster,if the game just have 15 monster in 1 level then i beat this game in just 1 hour.I will not talking about this so much,i will just say some very danger monster and how to dodge them.
-TOP 3 monster :number 1 Living bomb:i very hate this monster it's so fast and when you touch it BAM -6hp.To dodge it you need to move around the map, move move move and shoot it,but it have another trick it can explode and shoot 5 bullet and at this time move to between the map .Tip this monster have many at level 12-15.
Number 2 Goblin:OK no more talking tip now,hum in my opinion then i think this monster is easy but it power is powerful !here like this: when 5 or 6 monster are move around you and no escape then this's the perfect time to shoot you and-1hp agian.To dodge you need to stay in 1 point and shoot it but if you see 2 goblin then use the fire spell to blow it.
Number 3 Red mage:why this monster is so hard like that? well frist it's fast shoot and fast too hard to kill it and not easy to dodge:first just move around or move everywhere just to get out of it then Shoot it .Tip this monster have many at lv 12-15.
1.Mana slime
-Moves:shoot 3 bullet
Angry cursh!!!!
shoot 4 bullet
X2 slime[
-dodge:just move around it and show your spell !! shoot much and take money
2.Ice man
-moves: Ice meteorite
Ice flower
-Dodge:at this level you should not move around the map because it moves will against is very'active'.This boss dodge very easy but just one thing close to the wall it will help you dodge all attack form boss i sure try it.
3.UNDEAD WARLOCK(cool name right )
-moves:shoot 3 bullet
spwan ball of dead
spwan skeletons
Magic flowers
-dodge:at this stage you need to move much but not to much.SPECIAL here is he's spell,no need to worry about the frist move it just'ball of dead'and'magic flowers these tow spell are hard to dodge,at the ball of dead don't care about the boss just shoot the ball!shoot the ball and at magic flowers you need to close to wall and don't move to much ! you gonna die.
4.The Last Boss
a)ice mage:
-moves:shoot 3 ice
ice balloons
the ice cut
lazer boom
Fire line
-dodge:wow this's the hard boss,she have so many spell and THE WALL at this stage the wall will be you friend! and try to move so much,move around the map and if you have pet use the cooldown pet.At this stage dodge and shoot are very important,if you have any spell shot at all them and try to don't take any potions,just use it for the next boss.
B)the shadow boss
-moves:X3 fire line
X4 fire line and spwan troll
super bullet fowler
fire line+5 bullet
dark pond
spwan skeletons
-dodge:insane boss super hard to dodge powerful spell amazing much.Ok this boss will be very long then try to read at all:fire line dodge very hard,but know how to dodge is easy,frist run to another space in the map try to don't let the boss aim on us.Next moves,'stay there don't move if you see troll then shoot fire'cool hah ?.Next is dark pond and skeletons,nah just don't move and shoot spell to the boss but use all spell do not use the nova spell use it for the boss.This is the big momment: super bullet flower,now wall will help you and remember one thing don't move to much!!!!just a litte bit .The HP at this stage is the best,try to don't take any damage on the frist boss then at the second boss you can use everything.
That's all what i know,good luck with the last boss
And try the new Sentry knght tactis avatar

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