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Hello guys, I am ismael6
I started playing here when I was around 9 years old and started playing games like kingdom rush and raze 2 ( Which are amazing games )
Then I lost a stable internet connection and got it back after a while, however I kinda forgot armorgames and after around 5 years I came back ( around 5/6 days ago ) and discovered the quest system, which is pretty cool and have been doing that a lot since its summer vacation for me.
That explains 2/3 hero of the day streak and my current hero of the week 1st place with around 50% more than the second place
I am 14 years old and live in west europe, feel free to friend me, I love chatting with the community.
Here is a quik screenshot of my current hero of the week ( I found out that the image didnt work for me so here is a link )

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