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Hear-ye! Hear-ye! Our noble King grants a special audience to true Champions! Might ye be the one that pusuits these Quests and prevails as the one fit to dine with our majesty? Have at thee and win all these shiny Quests for The King's League: Emblems!
Budding Conquest
Capture 1 Territory.
Hardness: Easy
Alter Venture
Complete 5 In-Game Quests.
Hardness: Easy
Prime Mark
Get 1 Emblem.
Hardness: Easy
Sole Mate
Recruit 1 Epic Unit.
Hardness: Medium
Cardinal Incursion
Complete 1 Dungeon.
Hardness: Medium
Get 8 Gold Emblems.
Hardness: Hard
Super, Splendid, Superb!
Complete The Game With 'S' Rank Or Higher.
Hardness: Hard

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