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Hello all,

If you have ever visited this forum before you may have seen the original What Games Do You Want To See On ArmorGames thread from Tasselfoot. Since that post has been around since 2012, sometimes it's a little difficult to see what games have been suggested previously (and over the years) and it can be a little daunting to try and read though the pages of posts to see if the game you were thinking about is already listed or not. So this thread an update to the original post and we will be making a new one each year moving forward.

As previously mentioned in the first What Games Do You Want To See On ArmorGames,

We're always on the look out for new games that will work on the site. So if you know of any games that would be a good fit for the site, please list them in this thread along with a link to the game on another site (preferably Kongregate or New Grounds, if it's hosted there).

For now, we are still accepting Flash games as well as the newer browser games that are being coded in HTML5. We are also on the look out for new MMOs that you would like to see hosted on our site.


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