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• What is it?
Here you have to manage your own ship and tripulation. You can choose between a freighter, patroller, or an explorer ship. Obviously, you'll be the Captain of the ship and constantly receive missions by the Federation. These tasks must be fulfilled at any cost, so that you can raise and achieve Merit Points.

• Ships
With the freighter you will be responsible for transporting equipment, supplies and armaments to the Federation troops, and maybe do some smuggling jobs. Aboard a patroller ship, you need to escort flagships, protect borders and major planets, may find potential enemies. On an explorer ship, you have to collect minerals, relics, exotic life forms, and catalog inhospitable planets.

• Merit Points
Raise 100 MPs to be able to evolve your rank on the Federation hierarchy and expand your influence. Each mission can gives you 5-20 Merit Ponts. Check the list of Officer ranks of the Federation Navy:

- Captain: Current rank
- Commander: 100 MPs
- Senior Commander: 250 MPs
- Vice Admiral: 500 MPs
- Admiral: 700 MPs
- Fleet Admiral: 1000 MPs

• Application sheet:
Only 5 players.

Character name:
Merit Points: 0
Cash: 100$
Ship name:
Ship type:

• Others
Player list.

- Empty (0 MP - 100$)
- Empty (0 MP - 100$)
- Empty (0 MP - 100$)
- Empty (0 MP - 100$)
- Empty (0 MP - 100$)

• Lore

Recruitment Page
Ship Enhancements
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