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I'm having trouble with some of the events, and they say they can't help me on the LoA bug forums and that I should post here.

The lesser problem is the Angel Party event icon not loading, but that event can be accessed through npcs, although the UI doesn't fully load. Everyone on the server is experiencing that.

A bigger problem is with the halloween tree, again the UI doesn't fully load, but in that case it makes me unable to perform certain actions like spending wish points for items I don't have. Only one person responded in the several times I asked if anyone else was having the same trouble, but they said refreshing the game worked for them. That doesn't work for me.

I've tried all the standard stuff, disabling addons and antivirus, clearing browser cache and history, deleting relevant cookies from r2games and loa, even tried a different browser, same issues. I've also sent in in-game support tickets with no response yet.

The event was working fully before a game update on Oct 12th, and it ends tonight, so if anyone has any other suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

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