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Hello all,

I do not expect anyone to remember me, I was not at all memorable. I just wanted to comment on how awesome it is that the community is thriving and that people like MrDayCee are now Admin! I remember when he would run the Classic Rock Bands World Cup (CRBWC) back in the day. I'm glad to see pangtongshu is still active. Also this entire time I wasn't aware than Manly and I were so close in age, so I find it interesting that he too is coming back to AG after a hiatus around the same time that I am.

Sadly it seems as daleks, Ernie15, and pickpocket have not remained active. At the same time neither did I so I cannot blame them.

Like I said I wasn't a prominent member back then by any stretch of the term, so my ethos is low, but I just wanted to drop in an say hey to those that are still here and offer some commentary on those gone.

Thanks and maybe I'll be more active.

(It's been a while so I don't remember all of the rules and whatnot. If this violates one in anyway I apologize in advance and make no objection to its removal by a Mod/Admin)

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