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Gather Dark Power Ye Villian

Link the Op of a thread you were in.
Threads only can be posted by 1 user, no duplicated links
Claim the amount of Points you have from said thread
Claims can be imprecise but claims that are over exaggerated can be Challenged.
Another Player can Challenge you Power Points from any given thread link
Counting will be trusted to be handled by yourself, if you think someone has over estimated the "Power" points from a thread then you may retaliate and steal half their points from the estimation. You will lose a similar amount of points of the accused user disproves your statement.

A Challenged thread must have a 3rd player validate the count of both players of a link thread.

Points can be traded freely

Everyone starts with 10 points.

Here is how you gain points:

1. Only threads at least 1 year dead count.
2. You get 1 point for each post you made in said thread
3. You get 1 point for each friend in the dead thread, not number of posts just 1 point per friend.
4. You get triple points for each friend who hasn't been active for over a year in the thread
5. You get double points if you started the thread
6. You get double points if you ended the thread
7. You get 5 times the points if you both started and ended the thread
8. You get 1 point for each time a friend pr yourself mentions the word dead, undead or a synonmy of Dead or undead.
9. You get 10 points for any word assosiated with cthulu, dark magic, or evil.
10. Posting a thread link at twilight hour will recieve an extra 20 points., This is abased on AG time.

Only 1 of the rules conditions apply from Rules 5-7 after tallying the score

Current Players (10/22/17)
Hectic: 16
MattEmAngel: 695

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