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Hello fellow gamers! At first glimpse the game doesn't seem like much. But after playing it for a while it can get really addictive. The game is fairly easy. But when you set yourself some virtual goals to achieve, then it gets a lot more interesting and fun. For an example get as far and as strong as possible, try different build ups, complete the game with the least possible days etc.

In this walkthrough I'll go through levels, skills, magic, items, monsters, tactics, tips&tricks.


Monster Cleaner world consists of 12 maps. After beating the 12th map, then opens Twisting Void (13th map) for more experienced players to take on. Each and every level has different monsters, different sized maps, tricks of trade and so on.

Type of enemies
In addition to different enemies there are also some special characters. Name might be the same, but they have distinctive colored square around them.

  • Regular (no square) - Deals damage.
  • Buffer (blue square) - Deals no damage but buffs one enemy per round, tripling it's damage. Buff is dispelled if monster is stunned or slain.
  • Caster (purple square) - Deals massive single-hit damage when fully charged, otherwise deals no damage.
  • Ranger (yellow square) - Can attack outside of melee range
  • Treasure Guard (golden square) - Kill this monster to claim an unique item.

Aggressive status
Each monster has a icon for it's current status. So you can plan your moves and know when and which monsters becomes aggressive. There are 4 different statuses:

  • No icon - monster is passive
  • Gray hourglass - monster will become active soon. 2-3 moves
  • Yellow hourglass - monster will become aggressive next round. 1 move
  • Red sword/wand/pendant - monster is aggressive and will attack even if you attack any other monster.

You can postpone aggressive statuses:

  • From red to yellow by using axe or spear
  • From red to gray with magic
  • From yellow to gray with magic

There're skills that can boost your gameplay remarkably. There're total of 6 tiers of attack, defense and magic skills. After every 4 levels you receive 1 skill point that you can use. In this game you don't have to build skill tree. It is possible to skip some tiers and also it isn't permanent. Rebuild your skilltree anytime you wish!

There're total of 6 different magic spells of which 4 can also be upgraded through the game. More detailed info about skills under main Skills topic.

Random items can be gotten by beating enemies. Getting a lot of items, comes the need to get rid of them. There comes the selling option. By selling 5 items that you don't need, opens an opportunity to choose one item of your liking from randomly generated 5 items. This also stacks. If you sell 15 items, then you have stacked 3 tries. But every time you choose, all 5 items randomize again.
There're 10 slots for items that give different bonuses to your character:

  • Sword - attack
  • Shield - defense
  • Helmet - magic
  • Armor - health
  • 2x Ring - attack, defense or magic on your choosing
  • 2x Potion - healing
  • Spear - weapon that hits multiple enemies vertically
  • Axe - weapon that hits multiple enemies horizontally

2nd potion slot appears after completing map level 2.
Spear slot appears after completing map level 4.
There're about 10 different type of items for each slot (detailed in main Items topic) and 4 quality type which makes them have greater stats.
  • Regular
  • Fine
  • Rare
  • Legendary

Legendary also adds an additional stat to sword, shield, helmet and armor items. For an example legendary armor has health + also some defense.

World and Bestiary

In this topic I bring out all 12 regular levels and 1 special Twisting Void world in details. All the monsters in it. The number of each enemy in it. And all the specials if there are any.

World 1 (Map 3x3) - total 9 enemies
Slime (level 1) - 4
Badger (level 2) - 5

World 2 (Map 4x4) - total 14 enemies
Hornet (level 3) - 2
Wolf (level 4) - 6
Driad (level 5) - 4
Wisp (level 6) - 2

World 3 (Map 3x3) - total 18 enemies (6x Ogre hidden)
Goblin (level 7) - 6
Basilisk (level 8) - 6
Ogre (level 9) - 6

World 4 (Map 5x4) - total 16 enemies
Wyvern (level 10) - 4
Beast (level 11) - 6
Green Drake (level 12) - 4
Treant (level 14) - 2 miniboss

World 5 - (Map 5x5) - total 15 enemies
Bat (level 12) - 4
Mushroom (level 13) - 5
Spider (level 14) - 3
+ 2 rangers and 1 buffer

World 6 (Map 5x5) - total 25 enemies
Kobold (level 15) - 7
Troll (level 16) - 7
Golem (level 17) - 7
+ 3 rangers and 1 buffer

World 7 (Map 2x5) - total 24 enemies (12 hidden)
Beholder (level 18) - 8
Bone Drake (level 19) - 8
Cyclop (level 20) - 8
**4 monsters out of 24 randomly turned into 4 casters

World 8 (Map 7x5) - total 31 enemies (16 is summoned)
Air Elemental (level 19) - 2 | **4
Water Elemental (level 20) - 3 | **3 + 1 ranger
Earth Elemental (level 21) - 3 | **3 + 1 buffer
Fire Elemental (level 22) - 3 | **3 + 1 caster
Greater Air Elemental (level 21) - 1
Greater Water Elemental (level 22) - 1
Greater Earth Elemental (Level 23) - 1
Greater Fire Elemental (level 24) - 1
**killing Greater Elemental summons 4 minions of same element type

World 9 (Map 4x5) - total 18 enemies
Skeleton (level 23) - 6
Zombie (level 24) - 6
Imp (level 25) - 6
**3 monsters out of 18 randomly turned into 2 rangers and 1 caster

World 10 (Map 5x2) - total 22 enemies (12 hidden)
Abomination (level 26) - 7
Cerberus (level 27) - 8
Wraith (level 28) - 7
**8 monsters out of 22 randomly turned into 4 rangers and 4 buffers

World 11 (Map 5x6) - total 30 enemies
Naga (level 29) - 10
Chimera (level 30) - 11
Liche (level 31) - 5 + 2 buffer + 2 caster

World 12 (Map 6x4) - total 38 monsters
Djin (level 32) - 7
Void Drake (level 33) - 9
Abyss Knight (level 34) - 7
**3 monsters out of 23 randomly turned into 1 ranger, 1 buffer and 1 caster
Lord (level 35) - 1 boss
**Killing Lord summons
Corruption Shard (level 30) - 2x boss protector
Void Drake x2
Lord x1
**Killing Lord Summons
Corruption Shard x4
Void Drake x2
Abyss Knight x2
Lord x1

TWISTING VOID (Map 6x6) - total enemies 181

Twisting Void challenge opens after completing all 12 main levels. The gap from 12th level boss to void 1st level is quite significant. But reaching void means more and better new equipment. Rapidly it gets playable.

The goal is to break portals. I don't advise to push straight to higher void levels. Keep repeating lower voids to level up your character and find better equipment.

Each void level has a portal enemy, 12x weakest, 12x medium strong and 11x strongest enemies. Some of the enemies and randomly turned into buffers or casters.

In addition to main levels, comes new special enemy. Enemy with golden square. Killing it gives you special reward. There is one for every void level.

Void 0
Portal (level 0)

Void 1
Portal (level 1)
Deep Stinger (level 35)
Arachnid Fungi (level 36)
Berserk Cerberus (level 37)

Void 2
Portal (level 2)
Miscreation (level 38)
Phantom (level 39)
Gilded Knight (level 40)

Void 3
Portal (level 3)
Eye Unbeknownst (level 41)
Infernal Wraith (level 42)
Ancient one (level 43)

Void 4
Portal (level 4)
Void Golem (level 44)
Fiend (level 45)
Efreet (level 46)

Void 5
Arch Liche (level 47)
Blueflame Elemental (level 48)
Red Dragon (level 49)
Bearer of the Void (level 55)


There are 3 skill trees - attack, defense and magic. Each tree has 6 tiers. They can be activate in any order and changed any time. So do not hesitate to use al your available skill points!

Skill unlock levels:

  • tier 1 @ level 4
  • tier 2 @ level 8
  • tier 3 @ level 16
  • tier 4 @ level 24
  • tier 5 @ level 28
  • tier 6 @ level 32

Some facts
1 skill point after every 4 character levels + 1 from beating world level 8.
At character level 68 you'll have all skills active.
If you reach the maximum level of your character, which is 99, then you'll have 7 extra skill points that you have nothing to do with.

Attack tree

  1. Offence - Grants 15% more attack (all equipment and invested attribute points in attack is multiplied by 1.15)
  2. Bloodthirst - Potions restore full stamina when used
  3. Enrage - Grants 20% more attach when below 40% health
  4. Slayer - Grants 30% more attack during first 4 rounds
  5. Strenght - Grants +3 to maximum stamina
  6. Savagery - Axes and spears hit an additional target

Defense tree

  1. Potency - Potions restore 50% more health. Potions grant double defense for 3 rounds when used
  2. Guard - Grants 15% more defense.
  3. Spellvamp - Spells restore health equal to 16& of damage dealt
  4. Mastery - Maximum health gained from armors is doubled. Defense gained from shield is doubled
  5. Alchemy - Can reuse first potion usedStone Skin - Take additional 1% reduced damage per 75 defense. Can reduce up to 60& damage at 4500 defense

Magic tree

  1. Fire Orb - Upgrades Fireball to Fire Orb
  2. Magician - Can reuse two random spells after all spells are used
  3. Focus - Grants 15% more magic
  4. Meditation - Reduces cooldown between spelll uses by 1 round
  5. Enchantment - Axes and spears deal additional 60% of magic as damage
  6. Accumulation - Can reuse first two spells used

Magic spells

Game has 6 magic spells that are added step by step to your knowledge. All the spells are added within 12 regular world levels. 4 out of 6 spells will also be upgraded. 1 during regular play and 3 for beating special enemies in Twisting Void.

Simple Magic

Fireball (2x2 damage area)
Deals 100% magic damage to 4 targets
Received after slaying first enemy

Frost Pulse (1 horizontal damage line)
Deals 120% magic damage to selected target
Deals 80% magic damage to other targets in the column
Received after beating 1st level

Fire Missle (1 vertical damage line, up to 4 enemies)
Deals 120% magic damage to first 4 targets in one row
Received after beating 3rd level

Cross (hits all enemies in horizontal and vertical line)
Deals 200% magic damage to selected target
Deals 50% magic damage to targets in a cross centered at selected targets
Received after beating 5th level

Chain Lightning (hits all connected enemies of same kind)
Deals 140% magic damage to connected targets of same type
Received after beating 7th level

Sweep (make a random line to damage enemies of own choosing)
Deals 130% magic damage to 2 selected targets
Deals 100% magic damage to targets in a line between selected targets
Received after beating 9th level

Upgraded magic

Fire Orb (3x3 damage area)
Deals 100% magic damage to 9 targets
Upgrade from Magic skilltree tier 1

Frost Burst (2 horizontal damage lines)
Deals 180% magic damage to 2 selected targets
Deals 80% magic damage to other targets in the 2 columns
Upgrade with Frost Book received from killing special enemy in Twisting Void 2

Incinerate (3 vertical damage lines)
Deals 220% magic damage to all targets in selected row
Deals 30% magic damage to targets in rows around selected row
Upgrade with Incinerate Book received from killing special enemy in Twisting Void 4

Unchained Lightning (hits all enemies of same kind)
Deals 150% magic damage to all targets of same type
Upgrade with Unchained Lightning Book received from killing special enemy in Twisting Void 5


In this topic I bring out all items and statistically lowest world levels and character levels where I got mentioned equipment during several gameplays gathering statistics. I separated items into 4 different classes.

1.Material name (lowest world level) (lowest character level)

Lowest level info is not 100% correct. Some items can be definitely gotten few levels lower.

Armory - Sword, Shield, Helmet, Armor

  1. Oakwood (1) (level 1)
  2. Iron (2) (level 3)
  3. Orante (4) (level 9)
  4. Dark Iron (6) (level 13)
  5. Crystaline (7) (level 18)
  6. Drake (9) (level 24)
  7. Abyssal (11) (level 29)
  8. Corrupted (13) (level 38)
  9. Chaos (13) (level 42)
  10. Astral (13) (level 55)


  1. Old (2) (level 2)
  2. Iron (3) (level 4)
  3. Ornate (4) (level 10)
  4. Dark Iron (6) (level 14)
  5. Pearl (7) (level 16)
  6. Intricate (9) (level 24)
  7. Amethyst (11) (level 29)
  8. Ruby (13) (level 38)
  9. Starstone (level 47)


  1. Rusted (1)(level 1)
  2. Iron (3) (level 6)
  3. Ornate (5) (level 10)
  4. Bone (6)** (level 16) **bone and better hits 3 targets
  5. Titan (8) (level 23)
  6. Void (11) (level 31)
  7. Infernal (13) (level 38)
  8. Moon (level 42)
  9. Sun (level 47)


  1. Tiny (1) (level 1)
  2. Small (2) (level 3)
  3. Medium (3) (level 7)
  4. Large (4) (level 11)
  5. Great (6) (level 14)
  6. Huge (7) (level 20)
  7. Massive (9) (level 24)
  8. Gigantic (9) (level 26)
  9. Colossal (12) (level 33)
  10. Enormous (13) (level 39)
  11. Gargantuan (13) (level 42)
  12. Titan (level 48)
  13. Bottomless (level 59)


There're different kind of rewards. Most simple ones are attribute points that you get for leveling up your character. The formula for getting them is as follows:

  • from level 1 to 2 (+2)
  • from level 2 to 3 (+2)
  • from level 3 to 4 (+2)
  • from level 4 to 5 (+3)
  • ...
  • from level 7 to 8 (+4)
  • ...
  • between 10 and 13 (+5)
  • ...
  • between 31 and 34 (+12)
  • ...
  • between 94 and 97 (+33)
  • from level 97 to 98 (+34)
  • from level 98 to 99 (+34)

In overall - after every 3 character levels there will be additional +1 attribute point.

Reward for level completion

1 - New magic - Frost Pulse
2 - Potion Pouch - gain 1 additional potion slot
3 - New magic - Fire Missle
4 - Specialized Back Attachment - gain ability to equip spears
5 - New magic - Cross
6 - Twinkling Orb - double attributes gaines from each future point invested
7 - New magic - Chain Lightning
8 - Resonating Orb - gain 1 skill point
9 - New magic - Sweep
10 - Gleaming Orb - start all battles with full stamina
11 - Glistering Orb - doubles the chance of getting rarer items
12 - Shing Orb Orb - shines light (opens Twisting Void)

Twisting Void rewards
These 5 rewards get into your inventory after killing special "treasure enemy" with golden square. 1 reward for each void.
1.Sparkling orb - double attributes gaines from each future point invested
2.Frost Burst Book - upgrades Frost Pulse to Frost Burst
3.Radiating Orb - increases the amount of health potions restore by 5000
4.Unchained Lightning Book - upgrades Chaning Lightning to Unchained Lightning
5.Incinerate Book - upgrades Fire Missle to Incinerate

After beating final boss:
Void Heart - gain 20 attribute points

Builds, tactics, tips&tricks

I tried out all kind of different builds. Concentrating one on single element, balancing between two and between all three. I'll summarize my experienced in few sentences and add pros and cons.

Balanced build
This is definitely most straight forward. Putting attribute points to your lowest attribute puts you in a comfort zone. Overally it's the least challenging. The game kind of plays for itself. It's over sooner than you know it.

Attack build
This build is for speed runs. My fastest run, that I've gone through 12 main levels is 26 in-game days. Still trying to reach 25, but it seems to need some luck with items.
If you want complete as quickly as possible, then you have to think a lot of steps in forward. This definitely makes it enjoyable and interesting.

Defense build
It's a slow approach but gives a whole different meaning to this game. I'd call it a very hard challenge. It was fun until the point where it started to take ridiculously long time to kill monsters. Lil over midpoint of the game it took nearly half a minute to kill 1 enemy. Knowing that it would get worse every world level, I decided that my time was a bit too precious to go on. If there would become choice to instantly finish a battle, then I'd definitely try again.

Magic build
In the beginning levels where monsters are weaker, this build is a beast. Concentrating on maximum magic damage kind of overpowers all the spells. But after halfway where there are more monsters every level and you need to kill some with just attack, then there the joy ends. Because you have not enough attack and defense, means you're too weak to beat opponents.

Balance between attack and magic
I think this might be the best build. In this case you don't actually need defense at all. Magic spells do some great damage, axe&spear become very fine tools to cut out some extra HP from the enemies and strong attack is to easily finish them off. I'd definitely recommend this build for newcommers for the first run.


  • Rare and legendary items are not that rare. After selling 5 items, it isn't always the wisest choice to go by rarity. It's critical to exchange your worst current equipment.
  • Choosing an item from 5 possibilities - armor and potions. Your head might say to go for the armor. Actually upgraded potions are often a lot better choice.
  • Using axe and spear. Here's also a feeling that axe is the way because it uses less stamina. But actually spear deals a lot of more damage per 1 stamina. So use axe only when you really need it, otherwise use spear.
  • Aggressive monsters seem to deal less damage. Plan your moves ahead so that you always have one and only 1 aggressive monster to kill. If you have more, then you lose more health.
  • Try to take out special monsters (buffers, rangers etc) as quickly as possible. If there're not a single aggressive enemy, then they don't deal any damage to you. If they are out of reach from you and become aggressive, then it might be already too late or at least be a real headache.
  • In Twisting Void I advise to grind in the first levels. Also when you can easily beat for an example void 1 and 2, then don't skip them. You still get a lot of experience and items.


I'm opened to all suggestions about what to change or add into this walkthrough. If there're any questions, feel free to ask! If something comes up to my mind, then I try to get this thread updated. Hopefully my 1st walkthrough is good enough

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Very well done, I really like the formatting! This is also very thorough. Enjoy your quest and merit!

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Thank you for the praise, quest and merit!

I didn't really intend to go this thoroughly with this walkthrough. But I got carried away while collecting necessary info during Monster Clearer play. I also noticed several bugs in the game that I intend bring out in a near future. After spending so much time with this game I feel like it's my duty now to craft this game to perfection. (:

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I'm impressed @zdrk ... very well done! I completely agree with @Reton8 on your work. Keep the spirit up, because you're doing great!

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@Reton8 and @MrDayCee

Just in case I'd like to ask. Where should I report the list of bugs in this game? Private message to some particular person(s), just put as a reply into my thread or post to specific thread? At the moment I could only find a thread for bug reporting for games with quests only.

14,751 posts

You can email the list to me @zdrk : and I will forward it to the backend to have a look at it and make sure they are fixed if needed, ok? Thanx!

285 posts

Thank you for your prompt reply @MrDayCee! I will try complete the buglist by the end of the weekend and I'll then put it into your mail.

14,751 posts

Excellent @zdrk ! Thanx!

285 posts

Hey @MrDayCee is there any progress or thoughts on those issues that I pointed out? Haven't heard back from you. Hopefully you received my e-mail and it didn't filter into junk folder

14,751 posts

@zdrk It was received properly and forwarded to the game dev right away. Unfortunatly, he won't be fixing those at this very moment as he is very busy. But that does not mean it is forgotten or discarded... thanx again for sending it!

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I realize this game is super old, but I think an interesting way to play is to hold off on spending attribute points at all until the first twinkling orb, and then spend only a few until the second. That way, once you get the second twinkling orb, you become insanely powerful.

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I agree with PeppermintGolem, you can pretty much save up your attribute points till end game and mow down everything.

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